Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"As COOL as the Snow"

Today as usual I go to work then home and "work from home". last week I had a new DAIKIN 18,000BTU air con installed in my masterbedroom so that I can work well.

In this BLOG, I added a "counter" and my favourite music "if you remember me". I know how to write html tags. this one is easy.

What do I do every morning when I get up ?
First thing : to turn on the computer and check what is Dow Jones last count ? UP or DOWN and by how much then I will decide if to sell any of my shares or to hold and wait or to buy more. most of the time I don't do anything as I hardly buy or sell. it is because I LOOSE most of the time and I hate to loose.

Then MEDITATE for a while. breath in breath out and count as 1. I can count to 100 without my mind wandering. I belive a person's mind has to be CALM when the mind is calm you will be READY for the day's challenges and work. One can also develop "insights" when one's mind is calm. Can you do this too ? try ok ?

Next turn on the radio and hear our national song being played and then came in......Hamish Brown and Maggie (Margaret Mary Lim) on the radio at 6am and then all those songs on 90.5FM brings back memories and MUSIC can REALLY pep you up when you are down. Both of them (Hamish and Maggie) are my FACEBOOK friends.

My car also tune in to 90.5FM when I drive. I am a sunday driver. hehe

Now is not the time to buy for investment - as property will go down in value in year, 2010. however some clients of mine DID BUY landed property and they are good buys. this is because sometimes it is difficult to find a good fengshui property especially when property prices are low. it is still a good time to buy landed property and to stay there for a while. property prices may dip in 2010 but it won't go down to the really low like in year 2003 when I first bought my landed property.

How to buy property these days ? is to source for a good district 9, 10, 11 condos. buy the smallest one if your budget is tight. I am looking for one now and a studio say S$700k. maybe you think there isn't a property at this price. but there are ONLY if you search the papers hard enough and SURE can find. I NEVER say no to myself. I always TRY and don't give up.

A $700k studio means 20% downpayment is about S$140k cash. the rest take a loan. if you go for DBS loan I heard can stretch till age 75. that way your monthly payment is low but interests got to pay alot. look at the bigger picture ok ? and refinance 3 to 4 years later and top up cash an extra S$100k of your savings. that way you can reduce your loan amount and your debt is low. this is a good debt. better still pay all cash, one go at S$700k.

Whether to go for 99 leasehold or freehold one is up to you. how long do you intend to keep this property. let me go shopping when I am free and then see how. I am looking at City Lights (can see the sea) which may not be in 9,10,11.
I want to go for the view and good fengshui even for "rental income" and a good location.

Now is not the time to ENTER : wait till August 2008 when it will DROPPED like a pack of cards falling. then just enter and pick and pick. but wait for the second DROP then pick a bit and wait for the 3rd DROP then pick again. you decide when ok ?

When the sentiment for property is low you can expect the sentiment for shares to be "moody" - "no mood".

This time round ......please make sure you can take your "dinner" yeah ? and don't tell me you "can"t eat". "kenna stuck" is a bad word.

My shares in Magus Energy - yesterday it recorded over 75million shares traded which is quite a lot for this stock. closing was 9cents. today at half time already 32million shares traded. what's up ? hmm.....I hope got GOOD NEWS. if for every share I can make just would be nice. please mutlipy for me because I can't count. I got 510,000 shares bought at very very high price.


I CAN REALLY see how FORTUNE change hands at the click of a mouse.

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