Friday, May 30, 2008

"Creating Wealth - The fengshuiQueen way"

Today, I went down to do a HDB house review and a life reading and then back to Ubi office to do a life reading and then come home and do a MSN video conferencing annual review which wraps up for the day.

It is such a hot hot day today but then last night at 8pm it rained at Seletar Hills area where I live and it was so lovely to look at the rain and the wind.......oh !!! wonderful. I love Life.

This morning when I woke up I saw that my GOOGLE Ad sense account has been approved and so I can start collecting money from my BLOG. Wow. so the more you click on the AD by GOOGLE on the right hand side the more I get. hehe.

PROPERTIES: You know, last year, 2007 my investment house a double storey terrace house with 4 bedrooms on a land area of 2000sq ft appreciated in value. I told you about it. So imagine : if I want to sell and sold it at S$1.4million, I would have pocket a cool half a million dollars and with my Ubi Teckpark office (1496sq ft) I bought for S$245k and with only 10% downpayment because the developers gave a lot of discounts etc that time in year, 2004 when nobody wanted to buy then and imagine if now I would sell for between S$290 to 310 per sq ft and that means a cool profit of S$200k . So on paper for the year 2007, I would have made S$700k. Yap......... I am THAT savy !!!

Now I am afraid of being kidnapped.

I had to write about my own experiences in buying and selling properties that I personally owned and with the numbers shown then you would be able to understand about "money management" better and "wealth creation" better and then you can PLAN how to make money for yourself and if there are errors in my calculations above............please remember that every year I had to take my re-sit for financial papers back then in NUS. I am that lousy but savvy.

In the line of my work as a fengshui master these days the readings are MORE than just on fengshui per say. it is also about "property investing" and "wealth creation". so when I show you HOW I did it......I've got substance. I am more VALVE ADD and so I can help you GROW your WEALTH since you now know where I am coming from.

Seriously speaking..........the success of my business REALLY depended alot on my clients' loyality and trust all these years. Thank you very much !!! and I will make you very very RICH !!! hehe

SHARES: For the last few days when I wake up I would key in to sell my Golden Agri shares at $1.09 cents, 21, 000 shares. then today I got my deal done at 4.21pm. I receive an sms from DBS Vickers online. Nice. Now I am going to have my salmon sashimi and sake. if you don't like my guts is fine but you cannot change the history that took place when I first started buying properties and all because what I wanted was for the "fengshui to be excellent"...........and I go around LOOKING for a good fengshui property for myself.......and because of "GOOD fengshui" I never ONCE lost any money on property. these days maybe I may still loose on paper........ loss for my shares but it is not lost until I sold them. So good.

I am now a full fledged Savy Investor.

I learnt to be better and better each time. it is my personal goal and
sake helps the blood to circulate and to improve health.... so cheers !!!

TIP: "To err is human to forgive is divine"

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