Saturday, May 31, 2008

"A house is not complete till it is fengshuied"

Today, I went to Ubi office to do a life reading and then later to a condo in Hillview area to do a house review. As you can see from my BLOG for the past few days that I am always busy. it is a GOOD sign and MUST be this way as YOUR fengshui master's own fengshui must be EXCELLENT if not then how to offer good advice to clients. One has to walk the talk.
PHOTOS: When I look at the leaves on this red palm I would wonder when the leaves are going to drop and fall into my garden ? the meaning of this photo is : "To look at the bigger deeper picture in life and not to focus on the dry leaves"

PREDICTIONS: Will Obama win or Hillary ? Obama will win.

About buying properties: if you intend to buy a landed property just ensure that the staircase is not in the wealth area if not you might be in trouble after buying this property and make sure there is no mirror directly facing the stair case.

PROPERTIES: If a young man come to me and asked me :"how can I grow rich?". I would reply : to buy his FIRST property in Singapore. this is because most people somehow or rather could make money from property and if they want a good property that never let them loose money then they definately need a fengshui master to give them an added advice to check first before they buy. Many are doing that so why don't you ?

SHARES: I intend to donate my dividends from Golden Agri away and intend to donate on 18 June where this date is the Tibetan day for Vesak Day. so that any good deeds done by me on this date would be mulitplied many many times over. I would go to several websites and do a donation using paypal.

Magnus Energy - let me see how to get out by 1st August 2008 if not to buy more to bring the breakeven point to closer the market price.

TIP: "Always blame yourself when things go wrong and examine if there is something to be learnt"

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zeitgeist said...

Thanks for sharing your ideas and activities :) definitely looking to own my first property soon with your fengshui advice! :)