Monday, May 26, 2008

"Monday Blues"

Today, I went down to my Ubi office to do life readings and then in the afternoon go down River Valley Road for fengshui work.

Last night I slept early but was rudely awaken by a client from overseas (sms) on my Nokia handphone which I usually place beside me. I replied him at 1.10am and thought hei !! ......just to show to him that I am available to my clients 24 hours but he sent 5 same sms to me and got me quite fed up that I had to reply him "Er...excuse me I need to sleep. Don't you have a heart ?". Then his sms stopped and he apologised and then I was able to sleep. he said he forgot about the time difference. In my heart I was thinking he was only being selfish and there are many people out there like him who only care for themselves and what they want FROM ME and they forget to "CARE FOR OTHERS".
I call this "Ignorance" and wish that one day he will be able to change his mindset.

The point that I am driving at is : If anyone can spare a bit of time to reflect one's own action for a while to check if what one did is correct or not......then the world would be a lovely place to live in.

I start work usually at 11am and end whatever time. my work schedule is not fixed and is quite reflexible.

There are actually 4 ways anyone can grow to become wealthy :
a) from properties
b) from shares
c) from inheritance
d) from business

PROPERTIES: People are still buying and selling or renting. only thing is : it is slow when compared to last year and because most people love to "COMPLAIN" so they tend to complain but it will only reflect badly on them if they do. that is they are not being professional and mature in their outlook.

SHARES: Market will go like a "YO YO" because of the negative news that keep coming. however we can still make some money. I don't trade every day......but I WILL LOOK, LOOK.

TIP: "Walk around the shoes of those that you meet: CARE for them as though they are your loved ones. that is called :GREAT COMPASSION"

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