Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"Busy Busy with not a drop to drink"

Today I went down to do fengshui for a condo and then in the afternoon to do a can or cannot rent for another condo.

When I finished my work I looked at my sms then there was one who said that she read my BLOG and commented that I did'nt do any HDB flat recently. Actually I did so so many in the first Quarter of 2008 as some of my clients sold their condo to cash out and bought HDB flats and so I did the fs for them. That time I did not BLOG.

The first Quarter of this year 2008 is better than my first Quarter of 2007 in terms of sales revenue. We are now in the second Quarter. When I BLOG I am also telling you how busy I am and that is why when you sms me (9685-2718) for an appointment you don't get a reply is : because I am working.

BLOG : Today is the 8the day and I do receive 2 emails about my consultancy work which is a good sign and am trying to see how I can get Advertiser to advertise here in my BLOG using GOOGLE Ad Sense and nuffnang. My concept is : if others can do it why can't I ?

PROPERTY FOR SALE: A client of mine sent me an email to my Google Account and said that he had a studio apartment for sale at S$790k, River Valley Road. Project name: Studio 3. Size: 549 sf.one bedroom studio apartment on the 17th Floor. Tenanted till June '09 at $3200/mth. Tenure: Freehold. Call : Edwin Heng Hp: 9271-4934. He gave permission for me to announce here. I will post the photo tomorrow.

PROPERTIES: You know...when I look at the property agents ....I sometimes wonder : Why is it that some agents are so busy and make more money while others are so free or lesser business. I came to the conclusion that :
a) their bazhi
b) their effort (hardwork)
c) their attitude towards clients

Then it came to my attention that property agents close at least 4 to 8 deals in a month. so on a very good year they can make a lot and on not so good years they will make less and because I spoke in public that "Property agents should BLOG", I too should BLOG if not I don't walk the talk. Now I can tell them come to my BLOG. hehe

My Ubi Techpark office : I have informed my agent to find out for me how much is the value now as I may sell it. I would then reflect on how much I paid as downpayment and how I manged to buy this office unit and if the profit is enough for me to WANT to let go. I have also asked my office interior designer, William to install a new BTU 18,000 air con for me in my office as the old one is too warm for me.

SHARES: STI index close at : 3115.35 today. I am not very savy when it comes to shares as I buy only one or two stocks only but I will give you many tips and very the "CHUN" one.

TIP: "Love other people's child as though he is your own"


Harjindar Kaur (Jin) said...

Hi Lynn, this is Jin. Remember I met you the other day at Suntec City when you went to do a fengshui audit for one of my clients who had rented an office space there. I had a blog put up long ago but have never posted. I have decided to follow your example and blog. Do visit my blogsite : http://singaporehousing.blogspot.com/ Cheers!

The Savy Investor said...


Thank you for your comment. Yes, I remember you. ok, I will and great that you BLOG so that you let the clients know more about the REAL property prices and what is ACTUALLY happening. Cheers !!!