Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Your humourous fengshui master at work"

Today I went to Ubi office for work as usual and then to Sheraton Towers for another meeting. My clients know who they are because I know that they read my BLOG.
PROPERTY FOR SALE: The above photo is the Studio 3, freehold. For sale : S$790k, negotiable. If you have any inquiries you may email Edwin Heng at
About myself and my BLOG - As you know I have to keep my family life very very private as they prefer it that way. HE prefer it this way. but when I can I will show you my 2 sons and how they are doing, I will try. well let them finish with their exams A and O levels first. in fact, I can't wait for them to turn 21 then I can teach them how to buy shares by getting them to open their own securities account.
Today, I also just confirm with William, my office interior designer to go ahead and install my new air con BTU 18,000 York for my office room the one you are most familiar. it is just too warm these days. I spend when I need to.
The RAT year 2008 - Just before chinese new year a small rat came to my writing table in my bedroom because I sleep with my windows open. that night I left a packet of fish crackers on the sofa and forgot about it and went to bed. Viola !!! the rat came on my writing table and smash my 20 cents coins nicely stacked on the table and so woke me up and it got so frightened that it ran away.
No, it was'nt my long hair that make me look like a "ghost" so it ran away were the coins on the table that frightened the rat away.
That day in the afternoon was also the day my corporate client invited to meet me as they were going to give me ang pow for my good work. I was very very surprised when I opened it at home much later to discover that they had given me S$2688/- cash. the next day I banked it in under company account. I am most grateful to them for their generousity and every year without fail they would also send a big hamper with wine to my house. so.........nice. I am touched.
So the "fengshui theory" here is : "When rats come there is luck !!!"
This is my story. Now I tell you my client's one.
Also just before chinese new year, my client was reading newspaper at 1am in his wealth area outside the corner terrace house. A big FAT rat about 1ft long and grey appeared and "peep" at him and then ran away and then came back looked at him again and then disappeared. Guess what ?? 3 weeks later, my client strike first prize 4 D, a cool S$14k. He came back a few months later for his full life reading and then told me about it. we had a good laugh when I said : "Big fat rat Get 1st prize 4D, small rat like mine Get beh siah" (hokkien)(joke). haha. Now over to you to see if RATS come to your house. ahem.

TIP: Try leaving some cheeze behind or use a smelly fish crackers to attract them. hehe
PROPERTY: Buying any property lately ? go for landed property is a safer bet. however, please check your bazhi whether you can own land more than 4000sqft of land before you make that purchase. I have one lady client whom I told her not to go for land more than 2000sq ft.
SHARES: Magnus Energy will begin to show their year end "profit and loss" by end June 2008. Let's see if they make money and if they did I hope the shares price will rise.
For shares : I use to read annual report, insider trades and forumn where I like to read about the gossips there.
TIP: "To be humourous, one needs to have a happy heart and open mind to be able to laugh at our own silly mistakes"

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