Sunday, June 08, 2008

"Predicting events is an art which needs deep insights"

Today, 8 June 2008 family celebrated Father's Day at Hotel Royal coffee house where my brother, Dr. Yap, a medical doctor with his own practice in Ang Mo Kio Blk 232 near to where the famous CHILLY CRAB is........booked. Oh ! now you know he is my brother. well he always pay and he SHOULD and then in the afternoon I went to check a condo fengshui at Dover area and then head for home.

BLOG: It's been 20 days since I started to BLOG and hope you found it informative and most of all enjoyable and fun to read. yes....this has been my life, my thoughts and my work.............except that now it is made public and daily. now you can see how busy I am for the last 19 years working 7 days a week but not all the time and I love to work, it's my PASSION. I love helping people on their "fengshui matters" and I do it from my heart. Just like when you cook you have to cook from your heart then the food tastes delicious. the same with fengshui, one has to do fengshui from the heart and then the fengshui WILL WORK and clients will love you just like people who love the Chef's cooking. One will have many supporters.
Last week, I did not find any nice shows to watch on TV when I come home in the evenings and so I went to bed early at 8pm. I read a book before bedtime.......and then yesterday I decided to call Starhub to turn on channels, 106, 107 and 108 for me to view the chinese cantonese HK serials which I love and that I grew up with and wow..........that really made my day. my mum was the one who told me to watch these channels............thanks, mum !! and I like Starhub's fast service.

PROPERTIES: The market may be soft and people are taking the "wait and see" attitude but there are also some who are really buying. the property agents those whose bazhi can do this "earth" business will usually have business.

SHARES: Come Monday, the stocks will be down.

TIP: "Practice makes perfect"

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