Wednesday, June 04, 2008

"Small is Beautiful"

Today, I went down to Coffee Bean to have my breakfast and then to International Plaza for an office review. yesterday I was on the phone with a lady Singaporean client who is now in Chennai, India. we were on the phone to discuss the fengshui of her rented apartment with a river at the SW sector of her house (excellent fengshui) and I told her to fly me to Chennai, India once everything is in place, 3 months later. this is because after 3 months that your apartment is fengshuied, you SHOULD see RESULTS and that means that the fengshui has started.

PREDICTIONS : "US$ has been down since my predictions for 2008 and it is time to buy some if you wish to make a quick buck so that when Obama becomes President of United States the US$ is sure to go up for a while since all Americans would be celebrating and then when the dust settles it will fall again"

FENGSHUI: "There should be no tortoise or turtle in any part of the house especially in the wealth area as we do not wish our wealth to come slowly do we ? have you seen how slow a tortise move ? and even though it represnts longivity but a pair of "ah peh and ah mah"(hokkien)(old man and old lady) place in the wealth area will do". hence it should also not be in any part of Singapore.

PROPERTIES: The 3 photos show the studio that I bought in Bangkok at The Issara Ladprao Condo which is only 34 sq m and that is "very very small" in fact just nice for one person and with two people living there it might be consider quite cramp. here is the layout and I love this small compact size and with good fengshui of course. I heard the studios are already sold out. I commited to 3 million baht and with exchange now at S$1 to $24baht (coming soon), it should be a reasonable deal and I intend it for my holiday home. I don't think I would rent it although that was the original intention.

In fact in the early 2008 I was looking at Thomson V, the smaller condos of about 600sqft in Singapore. I did not find anything that I like and so abandon the idea and I think many Singaporeans would welcome studio and one bedroom apartments for themselves when they intend to retire at age 60. I was also looking at First Centre (light industrial office) along Yio Chu Kang the road where I live because it would be nearer to my home but the smaller ones around 600sq to 700sq ft have been sold. I also abandon the idea the early part of 2008.

Maps: Why there is no compass directions on all maps that I read. Isn't that imperfect ? or am I seeing too much into any maps on Condo brochures or in the newspaper ?

One lady client sms me asking if it is ok to buy Geylang property and she said that she heard that there is going to be a big revamp to clean up Geylang. I sms her saying "better not" and "oh no". I said we STILL need these girls there to satisfy the hungry men and if they are gone then our young girls will be in trouble. she said I think too hard. I merely smiled cause I am a "THINKER".

Seletar Aerospace Hub will be ready by 2018 - my investment house is just nearby and so I intend to buy a condo and move out by then and then rent this investment house to the expats who will come and work in the Aerospace Hub. I just hope I stick to my plan and don't invest and loose money away in stocks and also to buy another condo in Orchard Road area to be in time for sale in 2019 to catch the next year of the FAT pig.

SHARES: Most people are sitting on the sidelines and waiting and watching.
TIP: "Spend a little time each day reflecting on what you had done for today"

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