Tuesday, June 03, 2008

"My mind is as empty as the lotus"

Today, I went to attend to my personal matters as usual then at the Standard Chartered Bank (blue, white and green colours) serangoon branch (outside) I met my lady client who came and said "hi". we chatted for a while and then arranged to do her annual review next week. I suggested going to Orchard Hotel where we can have high tea and do the annual review. that is life, my dearest to enjoy my work and yet give accurate readings. In fact last week I also met a couple (my clients holding hands) who were outside the street where I live and we said "hi". I left cause my taxi came. Today, I did a life reading, a selection of wedding date and one annual review.

A couple gave me two bottles of wine and the above is the photo I took. Thank You for making my life meaningful and in being able to touch your heart (their trust) and to make THAT difference to their lives. Thank you, I am sure I would enjoy the wine. hehe

PREDICTIONS: "There is a substantial increase in the construction accidents this early half of the year and should taper by end August 2008"

PROPERTIES: The fastest way to grow RICH is to first buy your first property and if you wish to buy DIRECT from HDB. this is because once after 5 years when you sell them you are bound to make your first PROFIT. With that profit in hand you are ready now to begin to invest in properties be it a landed property or a condo. If you are young and about to tie the knott this is the RIGHT way for you.
QUESTION: Someone commented that : Bangkok is sinking and asked me if 10 years later will my apartment still be around ? I laughed when I saw that question. this is because yes, I agree that Bangkok is sinking but very minimum and there are many other tall buildings in Bangkok than the condo that I owned and anyhow it is a small investment (S$130k) and so I am prepared to loose all that money should that day arrive but I know it would'nt. this is partly because everything I own I am prepared to let go because in my mind I already see "lotus" (lotus means emptiness). I am prepared to let go. it is ok. anyhow I have in mind to give it to Ivan, my eldest son when he turns 21 or when he gets married. I know where my "exit strategy" is. I am not one to hold on very tightly to material things and that is why I live my life very simply but comfortable and most important of all, happy.
FENGSHUI: There was a day I ate a pair of "ba chang" (so yummy) and two hours later my client sms to say they had to go to China that evening because someone closest to them is very sick. I had a fengshui appointment postponed. from that day onwards I dare not eat a "ba chang" (pork) because of postponed business. Did it happen to you ? if it did then maybe "pork" is out for you then don't take "pork" on important dates.
TIP: "Be a millionaire in Singapore once you become that everything else falls into place"

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