Wednesday, June 04, 2008

"Compassion is key to happiness in life"

Today, I went to Chinatown to attend to my personal matter and then go off to do an annual review.
PROPERTIES: Many people are still looking around at properties though the market is rather soft.
SHARES: Let's wait for the 7th lunar month before we do anything. I already sold all except for my shares in Magnus Energy which is a lost for now but not forever.
SAVING : Let us all start to save money every 1st day of the month into our most favourable bank account like blue colour bank so go for UOB or Citibank and ending with a "8" and watch it grow. saving is like a habit and once you start to develop this habit it will stay with you for life. for personal habits : I use the 50cents and S$1coins to pay for my lunch and sometime for the taxi fares. that way I can stretch my dollars so that they can stay longer in the wallet.
TIP: "Make hay while the sun shines"


jensen said...

Good adviced on saving $$$$. I guess you will never answer questions on your blog comments.

Frans said...

Dear Master Lynn,

Nice tall building & hehe.....happy blogging!