Tuesday, July 15, 2008

15 SECRET FENGSHUI TIPS by Master Lynn Yap

1) When you enter the house one should immediately see a wall then everybody would love to go home.

2) A kitchen represents your career and so the colours would be : red, pink, purple or orange colours (fire elements) or even yellow or brown colours (earth elements). Never use a black, blue or grey colours (water elements) for your kitchen cabinent doors. The "water" element will extinguish your "fire"element, stove (career) and hence not very good.

3) Kitchen: The stove should be of a 4 burner one and no glass anywhere on it. Ideally, it should come with metal strips in between the 4 burners, that way, you "can breath" at the work place.

4) Carry a gold plated abacus keychain (size of 3 n half inches length) in your handbag so that you always have money to count.

5) Don't place a painting of 101 birds unless you wish to be traveling all the time.

6) In an office, where you sit is very important - choose a seat where there is a wall behind you so that you can have boss and colleagues' support. Do not sit near the door if not you would be very very busy and can be busy for the right thing or busy for the wrong thing. Example: customer complains department.

7) If you own a landed property then install two white rounded white lamp with yellow bulbs to be turned on from 7pm to 6am in the morning to represent the "Dragon's Pearl". If you live in a condo or any HDB apartment then you may wish to have a white rounded lamp in any part of the house to also represent the "Dragon's Pearl". There are some nice ones in the market, go source for one that you fancy.

8) Do not use a red sofa unless you know that it is ok to place there in the living room or office reception.

9) The element of wood is your hair so if you need wood in your bazhi (a form of life reading based on your birthdate and time of birth) then you would be advised to keep your hair very very long till the waist.

10) In your house, you MUST have a writing table as the writing table represents your career and make sure that there is wall behind you where you are seated.

11) A dining table represents your career - so there should be one in the house and a beautiful chandelier above it to give it a GRAND LOOK then people will know that your career is very good.

12) There should be no mirror facing your dining table which represents your career just like there should be no mirror facing your altar table, same concept.

13) Buy a fresh pineapple and place it among the plastic fruits on a basket on your dining table if you wish for more Good Fortune.

14) If your house/office unit number ends with a "0" - then we usually use a capital letter "B" to place it at the end of the "0". An Example : if your unit number ends with a #24-00. Then we add a "B" on it and it looks like a #24-00B where the "B" looks like a 8.

15) If you wish for more romance then place several flowers in the living room as well as the dining room and bedroom using pink roses or blue roses as they work the best.

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