Sunday, August 24, 2008

Are you a mummy ? come on n become one and join the club!!!

Today, 25 August 2008, Monday, I went to work.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Last night, I watched the closing of the Olympic Games, Beijing 2008 and my thoughts were : There is a certain strength in the people who performed at the show and I would use just one word to sum it up - DEDICATION. You can see that written on all their faces.They are just so dedicated and I suppose they would never say that they are tired or lazy. Did you watch the show too ?

The same should also go with our business, big or small. we must be very dedicated to our work. we can start work at 6am in the morning and end at 10pm then to bed, that should be enough and very dedicated and 7 days a week. it will be these tough training that can make you ONE UP above the rest, don't you think ? of course, on the sidelines will be the love and attention to our loved ones.

LYNN YAP BLOG: I know some of your children are also quite IT savvy and may perhaps also have a blog. you should read what your children write about so as to know what they are doing and to understand their mind. We will be the naughty mummies and naughty daddys lurking around.

What do the "mummies" do when they get together ? The answer is Egyptian walk and talk.

FENG SHUI: I did a Goggle Alert on "fengshui" so that anyone who post anything about fengshui would come to my Google Alert and sometimes when I am free like in the early morning before work, I will go and read their blog to find out what people write about. I have not done a google alert on my mobile yet though.

DESTINY: Every person can make a mistake in their life then it is at the end of it to ask yourself : Has the mistake make you learn something or did it benefit you or anyone, anyway, whatever way, it was. In destiny, it is said to be predicted that one can make a big mistake in that year and it depends on karma if it is going to be a big one or a small one. To have it come as a small one, is to do a lot of merits so that it will come small.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: When I tell my clients about my other clients who bought a house here and so forth. I never reveal their real name. I would also tell them the next time you see a person who own a landed property just ask them how many properties do they own especially when they own a small terrace house.

It is not the size of the house that should make you go "wow" but how many properties do this owner has ? and then count their net worth. It is just like we don't look at the total assets of a person but we look at their net worth. I have some clients who own a terrace house but they also own two condos while some just own one.

In the old days, I would hear many people telling me that hei, got to pay property taxes you know ? and when I first heard this, I thought by owning one property is enough so that I don't have to pay a lot of property tax. A few years later, I began to realise that, that was wrong thinking. I learnt it later on that I should look at the BIGGER PICTURE of focusing on capital appreciation on properties rather than on rental income or property taxes. It is the capital appreciation that can make one rich and not focusing on the shorter term of rental income because when times are bad, the rental income can drop.

Just look at FORBES top 40 richest person in Singapore, many are entreprenuers and many are also into properties and are of listed companies. Many are also very intelligent and street smart. Some also had inheritance and with their financial knowledge they grew that pie. Some dropped out because it was never meant to be but they can also come back again. A case of : fortune changing hands.

TIP:"mada, mada where art thou ?"

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