Saturday, August 30, 2008

Checking fengshui is my passion !!!

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Today, 31 August 2008, Sunday, as usual to parents place then to do a house review and then to check a can or cannot buy fengshui for 5 condos and another landed property for another client to check can or cannot buy at 6pm. I will be home late so I write my blog first before I go out. tata !!

DAILY THOUGHTS: My working hours are quite flexible and it is my schedule that ditates where I will be going each day. It is this that keeps me motivated everyday to work. Bottomline is : I need to survive and like I said before my survival instincts are very strong. we must be very hungry for success and then we will achieve it. having arrived at one success, there is the next level to go and we go for it. What is your next level ? mine is to be a savy investor for a while before I finally retire and travel round the world or work and run a nunnery or go head a retirement village and it should be fun with me around.

LYNN YAP BLOG: To succeed in anything is to have discipline. you must be disciplined in your life in order to succeed in anything. Discipline also means to stay focus. By staying focus on your passion (it can be your work) you will cut down on alot of unncessary time on other things and then you will be able to find free spare time to relax.

FENG SHUI: It is the mindset of the fengshui master to determine how they want to run their own business. no matter how one does it, do not go for the wow factor, have substance is the best.

DESTINY: Have you ever met people who keep asking you questions after questions and then they also reply their own questions ? I have.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: One of my objective in life is to retire when I think I can and have a passive income of S$10k per month so that my current standard of living like my current lifestyle do not drop otherwise I cannot retire. oh no.......but retirement to me, do not mean not working. I believe people who retire at age 62 official retirement age are still very active persons and they will find something for themselves to do. For me, retirement here means that I will be doing something else. I would like to have another challenge, another phase of my life.

TIP: "I love it and I love looking at houses too as I love to look at how others decorate their houses !!!"

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