Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fred n Fay went up the hill to fetch a pail of water

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Today, 22, August 2008, I went to Ang Mo Kio Hub and then to ubi office for life readings at 2 pm .

DAILY THOUGHTS: Business will be slow the second half of this year for most people , so do becareful if you are an entrepreneur with your own business. However, do something to also create some business for yourself. For some: it is to travel (water element) for others it is to go for a body massage (earth element) or simply go paint your nails red (fire element). I hope yours is not (metal element) if not, you will have to go change your car or go buy a brand new luxury watch.

LYNN YAP BLOG: There was a lady who hope that one day my blog will be the number 1, most read blog in Singapore and to me Wah, that is like a tall order and no thanks. 1,000 readers per day is enough for me, anything more than 1,000 would be a bonus. I am contented with 1,000 readers as contentment is happiness. Many people are never contented in life, they keep searching and climbing and forget their loved ones. Yes, that is ok for the first 10 years of your entrepreneur career and after that when you have finally arrived is to start to care and look at those beside you - your spouse, your children, your parents. I have plans for my immediate family.

We do not have 4 million people who believe in feng shui, you know ? Our fengshui market is actually quite small, a very niche market and very very small - the customers. Hence this business may be only worth US$9 million per annum or smaller or maybe bigger ? I don't know as there was never any report on these and these exclude those who sell fengshui products.

FENG SHUI: In fengshui, I believe in forms and shapes - Forms refer to tall buildings representing mountains and roads representing water. A mountain and a water is a very important backbone of feng shui study. Shapes refers to the shapes of buildings or of matters. Example : if your building is shape like a tomb, what does it mean to your business ? How does one define shape ? what is the first impression you have when you first see it. it is the same like looking at clouds ? What is your first impression of the shape of the clouds ? that is your answer, the universe answer to you.

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Sometime back, "lain her zao pao" interviewed me on the "Tunnel for Fort Canning". The above photo is taken from "Lian Her Zao Bao", 2006. The reporter asked if that tunnel is like a tomb ? My reply to her was :"What is a defination of a tomb ?" a tomb is above the ground and has a hump and usually in a quiet environment. This tunnel is below a road and with cars going in and out so, it is definately not quiet. The tunnel for Fort Canning is not a tomb besides it is near to where couples register for their marriages so I suggested we should call it the "Tunnel of love" and paint it pink on the arch and to have the offical opening on a day that ends with a 9 for longivity.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Those who kept money in US dollar will shed tears as the US dollar had indeed fallen. The market seem about - to be right timing to go in as I saw some stocks that are pretty cheap, so to speak.

The stock market has indeed fallen as it was predicted as the fire industry for 2008 is on the average meaning, poor performance. The ying water in the rat year will come and control the fire industry like the stock market which is of the fire element and other industries which relate to the fire element like cooked food.

For the record :

1) 2007 - The best performing stocks came from the wood industry which is accurately predicted.

2) 2008 - The best performing stocks came from the ? which we will see when the companies closed their books for the year and you can check that with my predictions for the whole year for "The five elements industry" or search for my 2008 powerpoint slides in google search engines. I found my slides there.

TIP:" Be kind, be considerate to everyone, look at them in the eye and smile"


Jane said...

Hi in regards to your daily thought dd 22 Aug 08, those elements that you mentioned it is belongs to money element or the industry elements or the person elements. Thank you Master Lynn.

Vone said...


When you mentioned about doing something to create some business for ourselves, the elements which you have mentioned, is it our $ element?

Lynn Yap said...


The elements are meant for the week and it depends on how one uses those information to bet on 4D or to go for an important date or even to close a deal.