Thursday, August 21, 2008

"How to meet your Mr. Right" by Master Lynn Yap, Fengshui Queen

1) Go to any match making agency - and register yourself and find a match.

2) Go to any internet match making websites like or -
Put your old young photo there and give a bit of details about yourself and then wait. The emails will come and then it is time for you to choose.
Choosing here means Elimination. Those whom you don't like their looks are out - DELETE.

Those who look pleasant and is at least a university educated man, can consider. So you start by asking the man :"What do you do for a living ?"
Then after you know that he is educated NEXT ask him for his birthdate and time. Then do another round of Elimiation. Those that don't match what I give you for your Mr. Right's animal signs - delete. Don't waste time chatting with someone who has no destiny with you. They will usually ask for your MSN chat or Yahoo, go and chat there to know him better but don't waste a lot of time on the wrong guy ok ? and do becareful.

NEXT : Find out if the man is serious about getting married. This is because many men out there do not wish to get married or are afraid of marrying the wrong girl or simply a flirt. Then don't go for this type of man, waste time. Skip him and go look for another. In the internet, there are so many to choose, so don't worry.

3) Get your girlfriends to introduce - for some ladies there must be an introduction :"hi this is so and so" then the relationship will last if not it won't last.

4) Get your parents to introduce and then you choose - You can always say no when you don't like his FACE but you can also give him 3 trys that is 3 dates only. After that, no chemistry or you can't stand him then out he goes !!! keep finding till you find the right one. Put more plastic pink, blue and red flowers in the bedroom for more romance to come to you.

FSQ NOTE: When that guy you meet gives you a "cloud 9" feeling it usually means you have destiny with him but whether that destiny will result in marriage, is another thing.

FSQ NOTE: For some ladies, they cannot marry a chinese Singaporean male but can marry a Malaysian chinese or any chinese from a different country of birth. So if you are in this category, choose carefully.

FSQ NOTES: The above tips are meant for those ladies who find it so difficult to find their mr. right in their lives. This is due to their destiny and so the above tips can help them and if you have tried for 5 years and cannot find him then it is time to speed up, you will definately need the above tips for help. so don't be stubborn, go and try and until you have tried and failed then give up, if not come and see me. If you have not tried any of my methods above, you haven't done enough, ok my dearest ladies and good luck to finding your mr. right.


kdawg68 said...

Interesting...just perusing the blogs of some of my blogcatalog friends here.

This got me thinking. My wife actually hated me at first. When we first met I was head-over-heels in love with her, but didn't know how to break the ice. It was at work and I still remember vividly the moment she walked past my desk and I knew she was "the one."

She's chinese, so for an ice breaker, super-smooth kdawg here decided to suggest that she A) wasn't of legal age to work yet, and B) probably didn't speak English. :)

Needless to say her first words to me were quite expletive laced - but at least I got her to notice me. :)

After that we became close friends and now we've been married strong for 6 years and have our 2nd kid on the way.

To me it's all about finding your soulmate. Certainly physical attraction plays a role in our initial "natural selection" - but it's more about "who" they are in the long run. Do you have compatible values, goals, and aspirations? That sort of thing.

Sign wise - I wonder what you could tell me about us? I'm a Taurus(western zodiac) and earth horse (chinese zodia). She's a Cancer (western) and Fire Snake (Chinese).

So far we've been a match made in heaven.

Muffin said...


Yes, I feel that physical appearance is secondary, what's most important in finding a soulmate is he/she must has the 5 Cs - compatibility in personalities with you, comfortablity with each other, common values, communication and commitment to stay with each other despite difficulties, one may dislike a person's face right from the start, but normally, it turns out that he/she is the right fit internally for you. Just like we cannot judge a book by its cover, we also cannot judge a person by its appearance. It takes time to know a person, and all strong relatioships or marriages starts off as close friends.

Lynn Yap said...

Kdawg68 and Muffin

Thank you for your comments.

A horse and a snake match is a match made in Heaven usually because both are of the "fire elements" such that the "fire passion" binds so strongly that both will always feel so lovely together and one special thing to note is : "It is the small little touches that one does that binds ". That's lovely isn't it ?

For singles who are alot older, I usually advise them to find their soulmate - someone whom they can feel very comfortable in that he or she will never critise but merely listen and give them that kind of satisfaction at the end.

Muffin said... about a horse and a dragon?