Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm an entrepreneur, are you ?

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Today, 28 August 2008, Thursday, I went down to Central Business District. it is going to rain and rain these days and planes cannot fly and ships get jammed.

DAILY THOUGHTS: The other day, I went down to Toa Payoh Hub to meet my client and while there as I walked, I noticed a few people looking at me as I continue walking then I met a lady client who smiled at me and spoke to me for a while. she said she is my fengshui client and attends my talks regulary at Safra. I gave her a big grin and then asked her "how 's the property market ?" and she gave me her reply.

LYNN YAP BLOG: My job as a fengshui expert is to do the fengshui and it can be for the house or the office and mainly is to balance all the energies in the environment such that the ying and yang are balanced and everyone is happy with the prosperity.

FENG SHUI: Feng shui is there even though some of your friends or bosses may say that they do not believe. well, they probably do not know what feng shui is all about and would brush this matter aside. if he is your boss, would you still want to work for him ? for a man whose mindset is so narrow and is not open. I definately wouldn't and am not saying it because I am in the fengshui business but am saying it because I would like to choose my boss too and he definately must be an open minded person.

Look at all the successful men in Singapore and ask yourself how "open minded" they are. If you have the chance to meet them personally and exchange conversations, you will know what I mean.

DESTINY: Everyone loves a successful person and would love to know you so sell yourself or promote yourself and you must'nt be afraid of being famous because, that is the way to go. I know of some entrepreneuers who are most afraid of FAME because they are shy but they are very good interior designers or whatever that they are good at. Then when they turn 40 and met me they said they regretted not being on cable TV or even talking to our press.

Speaking of being on TV, there was a male client who told another male client recently that he saw Master Lynn in cable TV when he was in China. Er, got Olympics Games in China, so I guess many would also have seen me on cable tv. then this other client met me recently and told me about it. I thought, it must be the one that I did on "Fengshui and Numbers" for Discovery Channel.

FSQ NOTE: Aim for US$1million as your net worth and then use the money element in your bazi to give you, the power element.

A short person is one who is born in the rabbit hour, 5am to 7am in the morning. Tomorrow, how to determine a tall person.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: The best investor is one who is willing to take a reasonable risk be it in buying properties, shares or even investing into another company.

TIP: "Just set up a company and be an entrepreneur then grow the business with my fengshui advice !!!"

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