Monday, August 25, 2008

Investing in commodities takes time, are you ready ?

Today, 26 August 2008, Tuesday, I went to office and then in the afternoon to do a house review and then home, sorry I am home late.

DAILY THOUGHTS: How to encourage women to have more children ? I put myself in the shoes of a working lady and wondered what would be my wish list and I believe this can work only if the companies have not implement this and that is to : Allow women to work from home.

Most IT companies allow women to work at home while others did'nt or not yet. The details can be worked out with their companies like maybe for meetings you will have to go to work if not then can work from home.

Give them a laptop and allow them to work from their homes. Bottomline is : as long as all emails are replied and work gets done, it didn't matter if they are in town working or anywhere else, bottomline is : work gets done. Sometimes she may even have to travel to Vietnam or other countries for work and so she can fly knowing that there is someone who can help look after her baby. Pay remains the same so that it won't add on to the companies expenses otherwise most companies may not wish to hire more women and the market value of women will go down.

That will free up time for the lady to want to give birth to a child and then have a nanny at home to help her look after the new born child. We will also create more new jobs for the elderly over 55 women to work as nannies and to help you look after your baby and to change nappies for you. She can also help you cook and look after the baby which will free up time for you to sit at your laptop and work, plus watch tv hehe

Another point could be to have a childcare within every building or at least very close to their workplace. When the facilities or structure is there women will feel that it is a good thing to have another child.

The women's mindset also have to change - it is first important to go and get married. you would remember that I share some tips about where to look for your Mr. right. now it is time to pick and select and I usually advise woman to pick an educated man so that at least there is a good income for both of you.

One thing about women is : if there is no cloud 9 feeling they won't want to marry. I can understand this as I went through marriage. now, I advise them to marry even if there is no cloud 9 feeling if not they will not even want to get married then we will have too many spinsters. I wonder how many single women are around ages of 26 to 40 in Singapore ? these probably are the ones we want them to get married.

Bottomline still is : both hands have to clap. Although being a woman means that you can give birth while the men can't, however we still need the man to help us get pregnant lah !!!

LYNN YAP BLOG: Yesterday, I had a record of 910 readers. wow. so after reading my blog for the past 3 months so what do you think of me ? that I am a tough lady, very focus on my work even though most time I work at home except for those times I went out for meetings like a fengshui audit. Yes, I go and audit companies or homes for fengshui matters because I am a fengshui expert. Er excuse me, I am 50 already and I can still type fast and reply my sms using only one hand either left or right, entrepreneur, lah.

Why I write with singish is because : Singaporeans love it and especially my clients, it makes us closer together, arn't we now n with my blog ?

FENG SHUI: You would remember the big rat and the small rat story ?
Well the guy who strike the first prize lottery because a big rat came to his house earlier this year, sms me recently that he saw a small rat came to his house and he strike a small lottery. I told him that I write about this story in my blog and he mentioned and he was honoured. Great stuff huh ? ....put more fish crackers the one sold at Tanglin shopping centre on the ground floor, one packet, one dollar. smelly and nice. Then aim for a big fat rat to come and then buy big and strike big. then you can wrap up your year of the rat with your own version of the rat story.

DESTINY: FACEBOOK is a good place to get headhunted ? many of you are being headhunted thru this means or maybe soon. If you work for a head hunting company you can try FACEBOOK, I have many "facebook friends" who are bankers. looking for young bankers, search my friends list or make me your FACEBOOK friend.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: How to practise your maths ? is when you take a taxi and when you arrive at your destination what do you do ? Look at the meter and do a mental calculation of what is the total amount for your taxi fare and then the change, how much the taxi driver should give you back. it helps, you know.....?

TIP:" When investing ask yourself what is your appetite for risk"

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Twilight Zone said...

Huh!!! You already 50 years liao ah? I wonder how you feng shuied yr face to look so young? I believe you didn't photoshop your blog pix. Must be the happiness inside you essential-thing la. Yr eyes always sparkle with happiness!