Friday, August 22, 2008

Morning has broken n is a beautiful morning !!!

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Today, 23 August 2008, Saturday, I went for work.

DAILY THOUGHTS: This morning, I woke up early as I am about to go to Serangoon Gardens Area and is one of my favourite areas. this is a photo I took this morning before it rained.

LYNN YAP BLOG: I was surfing the net yesterday, to find out which website has most of our Singapore Blogs so as to list my blog there. I found this one which you can see on the right hand side of your screen. If you know of another one which is quite an Authority in this field of all Singapore Blogs, email me.

Recently, I have added a few more friends in my FACEBOOK and now I have 344 friends, most of whom I have never met them in person.

FENG SHUI: Feng shui has its roots way back in China, some 5000 years ago. In the old days, many fengshui masters were male and hardly one can hear of any female fengshui master who do this business of going down to people's homes and offices and advising them on what to do. In the old days, women were told to be in the kitchen and at home. Wah, lucky I am not born at that era or maybe I was then in this life time I became a female (chja boh) (hokkien) keke because I was too naughty as a male.

Recently, I received an sms inviting me to go and check fengshui for his house and he asked : "if I am the master who will go down to his house to check fengshui ?" and I replied "yes" though I was curious as to why he asked this question as I do all my fengshui projects myself. I will go there and give them my accurate advice and would go back say 5 months later for a review so as to find out how they are doing and whether the fengshui did work. My house review fee is S$200/- so I always tell them that when they are ready then invite me back, if not they can always wait but I will surely come.

DESTINY: Is it better to be born a male or female ? Have you once thought about it ? that maybe in the next life time : you may want to be born a male ? and then get to do all the things a guy does ? hehe or would you still prefer to be born a female ? food for thought, though. Destiny is such that male or female if your destiny is great, you will have a wonderful life. For me, I still want to be born a female. I feel that being a female is great and has many advantages like can wear a skirt.

ENTREPRENEUR: One of the way to grow rich being an entrepreneur is to remember to pay yourself and cpf.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Many people are employees and as employees, you too can grow your wealth by having a good income and then learning how to save and after you have saved so called enough then it will be time to invest either in properties, currencies, unit trusts or even gold. Most people who became very very rich are mostly entrepreneurs so if you wish to grow richer maybe it is time for you to become an Entrepreneur. A word of caution though : if your destiny do not allow then it is best to go in with partners so that the chances of you succeeding is greater than if you were to go in alone.

For example : once you have succeeded say as being a successful fengshui master, what then is the next level to be ? The next level for me : is to be an investor. Of course, I can be a savvy investor by buying properties, gold, own shares of a listed company or at least a 10% shares of potential companies to be listed or for you : if you want to be kiasu, then buy their shares before they go listed, however make sure timing is right then you can make a big one if not can also loose big.

Everything has risk but we take calcuated fengshui risk.

Even you, as an individual can also take yourself to the next level and most of you are much richer than me so you know how to go.

TIPS: " The coldness in the chi reminds me of my childhood days, growing up in Sembawang Hills Estate"

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I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.