Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Today's money is small when compare to tomorrow's

Today, 27 August 2008, Wednesday, I met my client for a baby's chinese names and then to Bedok Central to check fengshui.

DAILY THOUGHTS: How do you cope with inflation ? the best way to cope with this is to learn how to stretch your dollar. these are some methods which you might wish to try:

a) Use the 50 cents coins and S$1/- coins to pay for your breakfast/lunch - that way your dollars can stay in your wallet longer. Try to take only 2 meals a day.

b) Find our how much do you spend on food and transport per day and then per month and see how to cut costs and save money -

c) Don't buy and store too many groceries in your store room of your house - when you run out then go and buy. I know some people have many toilet rolls in their store room. I would rather store dollar notes lah then toilet rolls.

d) When going for lunch buy rice and not noodles unless you are not very hungry - this is because rice can keep your stomach full and you won't get hungry too fast and then you will have to eat again. Notice that taxi drivers will usually go for cooked food with rice and not noodles is because noodles can't fill the stomach longer than the rice can.

e) Take the train down to Central Business District area if you need to go to town and don't drive. you can save some money here and if you are in a hurry then take the taxi, if you need time on your side. maybe we have been pampered for too long and this can be a good start for you to try and adjust.

f) If you own a car, petrol can be expensive so plan your routes well and try to cut some down on some unnecessary trips if you can.

FSQ NOTE: Be patient while we cope with these as there will always be a cloud with a silver lining, be patient and wait.

LYNN YAP BLOG: The younger children, 10 years ago have now become teenages and very soon our fine young adults will turn 21. Majority of these children are IT savvy and are into internet or computer games. most of these will also soon start to blog to tell their stories and make money online. what does this tell us about our children's future ? Think. That means that : most businesses must go internet and be IT savy at least if not, hire one who is or you simply got to learn if not you will have to learn it the hard way and it may mean "out", do be careful.

FENG SHUI: The other day, I was with some friends and they intended to build a retirement village. I just hope that they build it with a nice big fountain in the village and in the correct place so that the sound of water can create positive energies around and that these old folks who stay here can live longer and is alot happier and more active than other villages, this will be your competitive advantage.

DESTINY: Are you a people's person or are you are someone who likes to give commands only and don't like to do any dirty work ? your destiny can tell. If you have the element of "earth" in your hour pillar, there is a tendency for you to be a bit more lazy than other people. so you would have to work a lot harder than usual.
Tomorrow, I will share with you how to note, a short person, what element they have in their hour pillar.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Before one learns about investing, one has to read the world news and so how do you do it ? the paper and the internet. The internet is moving very very fast and very soon it could become the one with the most readers than the one in print, give it another 10 to 15 years. Just look the age group of those who follows popular blogs like Mr. Brown, kennysia and Mr Wang says so. you would have to be an individual who is in touch with the reality of issues surrounding people.

TIP:"Learn to see today's money with the bigger picture in mind and you will understand what is tomorrow's money all about"

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