Friday, September 05, 2008

The art of politics - don't wash your diry linen in public

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Today, 5th September 2008, Friday, I went to ubi office to do life readings.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Every one who works must know a little about the politics at the work place then learn to walk around it and not be in it and trapped. Yes, sometimes, we get ourselves trapped momentarily but then we must then know how to get out as quickly as possible and this needs skill and a sound knowledge of wisdom.

Some people play the game of the mind power.

Let us not get ourselves trapped and a good trap can be used to trap the RATS and MICE at play. Let us try and trap the rat year and then the ox year will be BULL.

LYNN YAP BLOG: Thank you to so many wonderful readers who read what I write. I only hope that you can learn more about fengshui and about life and see if you can change a little to help yourself as I share with you, my daily thoughts.

FENG SHUI: Fengshui is both an art as well as science. Not many people understood this as it is a complex study and one needs to be gifted in order to do this well and be one up above the rest.

Fengshui is a science because there is a certain calculated formular for it to work and then it is an art because it depends on the fengshui masters understanding of the situation and skill and then to suggest cures or solutions to it. This is where many masters skill may vary.

It didn't matter who the master has more skills, it is more so how many customers' fengshui work that is the most important. When we do fengshui for a living, the fengshui has to work if not why got clients anymore ? it is like when you sell a car, the car has to work if not there won't be any buyers and you can forget about what brand the car is. It is not so much about branding, it is about whether it works or not, if not you will be wasting your money.

DESTINY: Life is a path and it is how we travel in this path to find our finishing line but once we arrived at one finishing line, there is the next and the next so what then is life about ?

Life is about being happy at every stage of our path and as we work and walked the path, we have to be mindful of everyone around us, smile at them, help them, give a helping hand to them and continue walking the path till we reach our final destination. So, bottomline is : being happy at the very moment and mindful of that moment, is important.

That is : When you are at McDonalds with your kids do not let your mind wonder about what to wear tomorrow for work or how to tackle that stickly problem at work. You would have to put your mind to be at the present moment, present time and be with the kids there and there.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: I wonder how many of us can be considered a savvy investor ? even investing in shares can be savvy or investing in properties can also be savvy. why not just call ourselves savvy investors and some are big investors while some are small investors. hehe

TIP:"Keep them indoors and that is politics, my dear"


Twilight Zone said...

Master Lynn Yap - Since the day your ad appeared in my blog, fate has got me hooked & addicted to your blog instead. Your mind & calling power is SO strong lah. I enjoy reading what you wrote, some quotes were often heavenly. If you don't blog a day, I might fall sick. LOL... Thankssssss!

Anonymous said...

Hi Master Lynn

Like what you said in today's Destiny section. Great reminder and powerful illustration.

thanks for taking the time and effort in writing it daily.


Jason said...

Adsolutely agreed to what Master Lynn Yap. "Fengshui" is both an art as well as science.It is a science because there is a formular for it to work and able to pass on, then it is an art because the responsibilities of fengshui masters mind-set which understanding of the situation and skill and then to suggest cures or solutions to it. This is the beauty of feng shui.

Lynn Yap said...

Twilight Zone, Moneyhoney and Jason
Thank you for your comments and will try to share more of my stories and life's experiences.