Monday, September 15, 2008

Baa Baa BLACK RAT !!! ouch

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Today, 16 September 2008, Tuesday, I went to office and then to do my personal things.

DAILY THOUGHTS: The market is down today and many would loose money but it is all because of the rat year, a terrible rat. For individuals, it is now time to pick some good stocks to keep or wait a while longer say in October. it is always best to buy stock when the wall street had a big fall then you go in.

What would worry most people are the domino impact on us. Let's hope we can all go thru this "difficult" period. More dark clouds in the next few weeks, be careful.

LYNN YAP BLOG: 3 months of blogging and open to readers and the 4th month closed to only invited readers but then the invited readers are only up to a maximum of 100 readers. After that : what happens. I didn't know what to do either but after a few days, an idea suddenly crept up and that is to turn the "Weekly Thoughts" in my official website to "Daily Thoughts" and then open only to paid members as that would solve all the hassle of my blog and readers.

This is because everyday I get about 4 sms regarding my blog, mailbox too in FACEBOOK, Google email and fengshuiqueen website mail.

When it is ready in my fengshuiqueen website, I will let you know. You would have to pay and then a userid and password would be given. My web developer is working on it now and it will be daily as I am already in the habit of writing daily.

FSQ NOTE: Some people have a face that people like to look at. Some people are good at writing that people like to read. I belong to this category that people like to read what I write about hence I can have a secondary income and I started this many years ago, blogging but weekly and in my "weekly thoughts". It is now timely to convert it to daily.

I never had intended to make money from blogging in this manner but the way things out..........I guess it is the best way to deal with it. What do you think ? make my blog open again and then I can't go for my retreat ? no way. I need to go it is good for my soul, my merits, my children, family members and clients. now you know why all my clients always do well ?

FENG SHUI: Feng shui actually can explain many things. It is whether you understand it or not.

Something negative has to happen this year because it is a rat year and the longer one prolongs it, the worst it can become. Even fengshui masters these days will also need to be aware of whatever is happening on the global scene such that their own predictions can be most accurate. chun !!!

DESTINY: If earth is your money element, then please grow fatter a bit ok ? because earth is fat.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Most of us go to work, earn an income, some more than others. To be financially savvy is to learn the mindset of the rich and how they became rich. Some of their models can help us as we can relate to some while some we may find that we can't relate but still it is all a learning curve.

Keep learning all the time and don't give up !!!

TIP:" have you any wool er I mean cheese"

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