Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The big DROP came a day too early - bottomline is : I am chun !!!

Today, 30 September 2008, Tuesday, I went to ubi office to do 2 life readings and one change of chinese name.

DAILY THOUGHTS: When I reached home in the afternoon took a quick look at my favourite stock and bought 20,000 shares. last check, I just made a quick S$200/- and am not selling yet. If you are my FSQ followers/fans, you would know which stock is my most favourite.

Personally, I don't drink cow's milk, goat's milk or soya bean milk and I dont drink coffee/tea either. I only take plain water and with ice. wah.........very cheap to maintain. hehe

LYNN YAP BLOG: Have you ever tried blogging ? I know....when you first hear of a blog, you must be thinking.....ai yoh.....must write everyday....no joke.

Recently, thank you for the 4 comments made yesterday evening. At least, I know some people are reading what I write as I was about to be thinking "wah no readers leh", jia lat.

Do you like your fengshui master to be smiling and laughing all the time or someone who can't even smile ?

FENG SHUI: How happy the person is - is to look at the laughter. Can you tell ? or shall I say, can you fengshui tell ? usually when the person is really happy is because the house fengshui is done and so everything is perfect with less troubles or obstacles. then when the person sleeps well and is happy the smile or the laughter - how deep it is, one can tell.

You go home today and laugh and then ask your brother or sister to take a photo and then you see for yourself. how deep is your laughter. ho, ho, ho.

DESTINY: There were two sisters who came for their life readings recently then I noticed one lady who seldom smiled and is usually quite a rigid lady and so I told her to go and buy a laughing buddha and put in her house so that she can always be laughing all the time then guess what ? she said in her religion she can't place these in her house and we all laughed.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Dow Jones was down 777 points last night and I was really shocked when I saw it early this morning but then I knew my prediction was accurate and came true and this morning, I had many more sms about the stock market. I just tell them go ahead and buy small small.

The sms was not because people are worried about the drop in the price of shares but rather whether they can now go in and buy and of course I said "yes". so you see ? we are all like minded. when the price of shares drop, we go in and grab.

TIP: "Time to go and grab some and then sell ok ? got another small mini drop coming, we got to sell before then"

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Twilight Zone said...

Master Lynn Yap - I better start cutting down my beverages & drink just plain water like you. I was a milk addict & could have married a cow for convenience. I stopped drinking milk after someone pointed out that after 30, our body will not absorb the calcium from milk. Instead it will slowly trigger cancer later. I've no proofs here but I was convinced by the scientific theory & take calcium supplements instead. However, coffee & tea, susah lah to give up. I am now typing this comment in a cafe & just ordered my 3rd glass of Kopi-O ice. Help!!!

Now I know the secret to your youthful face. Just H2O!!!!!