Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The emperor wears new clothes

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Today, 10 September 2008, Wednesday, I went to check fengshui at Hougang area then to ubi office for readings. Today, I decided to make my blog private so that only those who are my clients can read what I write as I am about to write sensitive topics like stocks.

DAILY THOUGHTS: 2009 is not going to be a great year but still we will need to go thru it. With housing problems and unemployment in US, very soon it will hit us in Asia. One would remember the last Asian Financial Crises which was in 1997, the year of the ox and this cycle is coming back.

In the olden days, the Emperor has many advisors, one of the advisor is a fengshui master (or so called learned man) who can help the Emperor about his luck, strategy and how to move, the next step or to cope. those days, only the Emperor's rope has 5 dragon claws.

Today, many companies have their own fengshui masters who act as advisors and help them steer out of the economy crisis and into a steady path.

Many would remember in 1997, it was a tough year for many and many came and seek for our help. we steer these companies into where they are now today. The "wheel" of fortune is turning again, be prepared and hold on to your job.

LYNN YAP BLOG: It is interesting how after approaching 4 months and I am still so active in writing with photos for my blog. Give any blog, 5 years and I believe : many businesses will start to use a blog other than the social networking like Zorpia or FACEBOOK for business.

FENG SHUI: Try out the steps that I have given for the single ladies and in 3months time, something should work out then you will know this is how feng shui work.

Fengshui can help you, just don't be too superstitious or go over board on feng shui. I never like that ......ok ?

DESTINY: Some people are not cut out to do business then it is better that you work for a company. however if you do wish still to be your own boss then you will need to have good partners, friends who can help you where you are weak at.

Most bosses are the ones getting the sales - they are in the front line while the back end is usually the spouse who handles all the finance and accounts.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Doing business would become more and more difficult because of competition. I do see many others that open up restuarants and if you are in the restuarant business. if you are in the spa business, it is the same. there are many spas around and some of them do have fengshui help and are doing well. Then if you are in the food business or even spa business for example (just take two examples and no particular reason why) then how can you stage your business to be different from others ?

The main difference would be : that personal touch.

If I go to the restuarant, I like the boss to come and say hi to me if he is around or when I go to a spa, I also would like the boss to say hello to me. That gives it a personal touch and we would go there often to eat or to spa. Branding and fengshui can help to give it a competitive advantage over others in the same business as you.

If you are in the restuarant business : Ask how many similiar business like yours consulted a fengshui master and if you are in the spa business did they also consult a fengshui master too and did their own branding ? It helps too if your fengshui master has a good global brand.

Being intelligent helps and if you think you need more help, get a fengshui master who's in the know about doing business so that she can offer great help besides fengshui. She can give you sound business advice or to give your cosmetics, a global brand name that works.

TIP:"Is it really new or transparent ?"

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