Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Folding paper cranes !!!

Today, 1st Ocotber 2008, Wednesday is a public holiday and am in office for work and my dell at home, kaput so my blog may take a while before it gets updated.

DAILY THOUGHTS: I usualy like something that is within my control rather than not at my control which makes me at the mercy of others and they can slow me down.

LYNN YAP BLOG: My blog may take a break till my dell gets repaired.

FENG SHUI: Always stick to one fengshui master that works for you if not it can go hay wire as no two masters may see "eye to eye" on even the same wealth area.

DESTINY: Follow your destiny and let it leads you while you arm yourself with huge matal or live ner the sea to make it up and balance.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Tomorrow or days later, is time to sell your shares if you have just bought some.

TIP:"to chase my blues away"


Han said...

Thanks, Master for taking time to update your blog every day. It is not easy (amidst your busy schedule) and I am sure it is your passion to share with us, your true believers too.

I missed the boat in grabbing some shares yesterday. Can we still try to grab some tomorrow and sell on Fri/next week if the 'next mini drop' as foreseen by you, would not happen so soon - next week?

Thank you.

Twilight Zone said...

I was told the Japanese folded paper cranes to give patients as "Get Well" wish & may the cranes fly away your sickness. At funerals, it meant may the birds ferry your soul to heavens. Makes sense as the folder would have to use his heart & mind power when folding them.

I like your theory that no 2 masters can see eye-to-eye as I've been listening to many. You're the 1st who spoke what I liked to hear & it made logic sense. Wanna hear a joke? 10 years ago, some idiots told me that Joey Yap & Lynn Yap are the children of Yap Cheng Hai... I was naive then & replied "OIC".... LOL

You have a good holiday!