Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The hurricane is coming, planes and ships becareful

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Today, 3rd September 2008, Wednesday, I brought my web developer, the one for http://www.fengshuiqueen.com/ for buffet lunch at Sheraton Towers. we discussed about issues relating to my new email and on my new blog and then to office.

DAILY THOUGHTS: I shared with my web developer about my current blog and how I would like to see my other new blog grow hence I also teased him saying that a day's delay will cost him x US$ because that is how a blog can earn in a day's of online advertising.

I will also have a new email address on my fengshuiqueen website. you may send email to mailto:masterlynnyap@fengshuiqueen.com , I can read this email now.

LYNN YAP BLOG: How do you keep your content in the blog coming every day ? well, I guess most people don't write everyday but I do so it can be "quite" difficult at times and then when I read other blogs that teaches us how to find stories to tell in your blog then I also have plenty of stories to tell.

Do you know that we can actually make online money just using a laptop and with a usb plug ? cool, eh ? the generation Y would love it. I discovered that on a good day we can earn US$8/- per day. Wanna try ?

FENG SHUI: Once you are in touch with fengshui then you have to know what sort of fengshui can work and what cannot. If you are not sure then it is best to test it out yourself and then you will know and every fengshui master has their own clients and followers.

DESTINY: Some people can buy shares because their destiny says so while for some they are probably not suitable to buy (the day pillar below is earth element, earthly branch) and then when he or she buy my pet stock (you know which one) then, all will drop then everyone will have to suffer.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: My clients are the ones who will take me to look at all the beautiful properties while I do my work that is on the fengshui part.

My skill in property investing improved only after I started asking my clients about how much they paid for it and then I learnt about psf. in the past, I just do my work and then I leave, there was no need to ask about other matters. these days, I learn to be alot smarter by asking these property questions and my knowledge simply grew. The realisation has to set in and then you will be realised that is, got wisdom.

TIP: "The sky don't look too good, one big disaster is coming, this is a leap year, remember ?"

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