Friday, September 19, 2008

It's another SATurday, let's sit, ponder and reflect

Today, 20 September 2008, Saturday, I am going to Ubi office to do readings and a selection of wedding date.

DAILY THOUGHTS: The Organisers at Safra contacted me yesterday and I gave them my new email address. I like to use the one at google, maybe because the font size is bigger and is easier on the eye for me to read.

"Why grandma, do you have such big eyes ?" asked the little red riding hood in Han Anderson's fairy tales.

When I was growing up, my retired ex school teacher, father, Mr. Yap TG now close to 80 years of age and of St Margarets Secondary School made me read these books and I grew up thinking that I am as pretty as Cinderalla.

Initially, I was a little concerned as I wonder how are they going to contact me since my yahoo email is down. Then as a buddhist, I put my life in the hands of the Buddha and let Buddha lead the way and so I hope for the best. This is probably the other side of me which you have not seen.

LYNN YAP BLOG: Yesterday, a lady sent an sms saying when am I going to open my blog to public as she can't stand the "cold turkey". I had a good laugh. I thought it was a cute guy trying to pull my leg. there is nothing that I can do now......except to wait for my web developer.

FENG SHUI: Fengshui and Scent - it is always good to make your bedroom smell nice like placing some essential oils like lavender in a pot in the bedroom to make the room smell nice before going to bed. Lavender has a very calming effect on me and so does a red wine.

DESTINY: For most people who find that money is always going out, it could be because your expenses are more than what you currently earn and hence you may find it very difficult to save. There was a book that I read and it taught us to write down how much we spend each day. I have not tried this : maybe I was afraid to know how much I spend each day.

THE FACE: The nose denotes the wealth, the bigger the nose, the more the wealth. the sharper the nose, the better the business acumen. however if the nostrils can be seen then this person can't save money. this sort of person have better not write down what she spends each day......cause it can be most alarming. hehe

SAVVY INVESTMENTS:This is a time to keep cash or invest in gold. Commodtities are still good investments however the next few years do not look too good for the weather but I think we can weather thru and that is : if you had bought stocks that has commodities in them.

FSQ NOTE: I am looking forward to my retreat. the date has been changed again and starts 4 Dec 2008. The latest that I heard was that there are no rooms for us at Kopan Monastry and so we would have to stay in a hotel and every day take a jeep up to kopan. I think only 3 of us are going for this trip. Retreat : is always a good time to practise to be a great follower of the Buddha.

TIP:"In life, someone looses, someone gain"

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