Monday, September 29, 2008

Latest news about my new blog

Today, 30 September Tuesday, my web developer, Mr. Gan sent me an sms at 6.50am saying that HP called and it's about my laptop. You would remember that I bought a new HP mini notebook to do my blogging and so now it kaput about a month ago already (I couldn't see any thing on the screen) and my web developer took it from me last week to help me get it repaired and also to install the BLOG into fengshuiqueen website on this laptop so that I can do my "FSQ Daily Thoughts Blog" there.

I didn't want to move my Dell laptop at home - the one where I have been using for years for "reconfiguration".

I text him to ask HP to give me a new laptop lah !!! Mr. Gan said he will try and also said something about HP getting a new mother board and test. so please be patient with me while we wait for them to sort these things out.

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