Friday, September 12, 2008

Love in the masterbed room is the theme for today !!

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Today, 13 September 2008, Saturday, I have a 10am appointment and then more readings at ubi office at 3pm to do a house review fengshui at Tampiness then home.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Each evening, I enjoy coming home and having a glass of red wine and relax. I find wine very relaxing, particulary red wine. In the last 5 years, since sampling wine, I find that my favourite is merlot as it can really have a nice calming effect on me. Don't believe, try it yourself and don't get drunk. hehe

I have ever heard my friend telling me that a person who knows how to appreciate wine is somene who knows how to enjoy life. Do you agree ?

LYNN YAP BLOG: This blog can only have 100 private readers. After that, it cannot take in anymore but let me check the Google help and see what I can find.

Why did I close it to my clients only, for a simple reason - to preserve my own good luck. I do not know how to explain it to you or maybe next year when you come for your annual review and then we chat about it. I am particulary senstitive to energies around me, whatever I do and hence I would read my own energies to determine if what I do is right or wrong.

FENG SHUI: Fengshui tips for the master bedroom :
1) Where the bed is placed has to have a wall behind and directly opposite you should also have another wall.

2) The bed ideally a Queen size or King's size is the best - the bigger the better is because the bed represents relationship. My bed is KING.

3) On the bed should have a pair of red heart shaped pillows to represent love, you can buy one of these pillows with hands from Ikea.

4) Beside the bed should also have a bedside table and a pair of table lamp and no black lamp shades as this represents brightness in relationship and relationship here refers to anybody, with bosses, with friends, relatives, spouse etc.

5) Ideally, the room should have something maroon or dark red or pink to represent love in the room.

6) One can also use an aroma lamp or scented wood to give the room a nice smell. Senses is important in relatonships and music too. Music is the water element and can be used to create moods in the room. Kelvin Kern, anyone ?

7) There should be a wedding photo of the couple in the bedroom - so that anyone who walks into the room will know that it belongs to this couple and not anyone else.

8) The bed should also have a headboard to give it power.

9) Directly opposite where you are sleeping or beside you can place a safe about 2 ft tall so that you can always grow wealthier, after every sleep. This is because the safe represents money and that is why wealthy people grow and become richer and richer and so you will need to follow this tip, very good for money luck.

10) When you enter the masterbed room should be a wall then the couple would always love to go to bed if it is a window it is not so good.

FSQ NOTE: Thee is no need to have a nice looking bedroom, reasonably clean and smell nice is important for a good rest.

DESTINY: If you do not have the resource element in your bazi, it means that it is best for you to work alone and even if you have staff, the staff would not be loyal. so which do you want ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: It is in your destiny whether you can make money from shares or you can make money from properties. This is destiny that is fixed : it is because you will buy property at the right timing and when you have the money to buy. then it means property is investing is right for you.

Some people have the money to buy but then the market is hot like in years 1996, 1997 and so they get caught when they make their purchase. 10 years down the road and it is now 2007 the year of the pig and yet they only breakeven. Some of these clients I told them to sell their 99 years leasehold property condo before the cycle comes back again and they will be caught again in the cycle and how many pig years are you going to live through ? the next time round, the lease gets lesser and there might not be any capital appreciation.

However a word of caution : Some very old condo if the whole condo project fengshui is good can have potential enbloc while some condo project will never get an enbloc not for the next 20 years.

Because my clients have been with me the last 19 years and we have gone through the patch of 1997 and 1998 and therefore they listen to me even though there is no need to discuss property investing with them but I can help them to make decisions especially when all 4 properties have the same fengshui results and then what next ? which one to choose. This is where me as a savvy property investor, comes into play and offer them property advice.

Because I always go for logic and reasoning, people listen. One client told me that this is now my added advantage because all my property investment never loose money. I put the money where the fengshui business is : A good fengshui property will never let the owner loose money, remember that.

TIP:"Love is : when the world is you and you are my world"

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