Friday, September 05, 2008

Money in your mind is worth the weight in gold

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Today, 6 September 2008, Saturday, I went to my ubi office and do 3 life readings then home.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Today, I waited for my clients to come at 2pm as she was recommended by one of my 2 best lady supporters/clients and it turn out to be a really fun session fill with laughter and Youtube jokes. They even apologised for making me laugh !!! oh my !!! thanks for making my day, I enjoyed the two sessions and do come again, next year.

LYNN YAP BLOG: Thank you to my wonderful readers who got hooked on my blog. Nah, not my mind power strong lah, my fengshui is very good, the power of my fengshui speaks !!!

Speaking in english gets me many clients and speaking in hokkien n cantonese during life reading sessions gets me, thousands more.

FENG SHUI: Politics again : Fengshui and politics : This time a CEO who had some difficulty trying to convince the staff where to sit where, would invite a fengshui master to help and then promptly inform their staff that their fengshui master says so. This happens when the office have very few window seats (billion dollar view) and are usually reserved for the best staff.

Do you like politics ? I don't but we must remember that it exists in every organisation, big or small. you would know when you have been labelled, a bitch.

Then what do you do ? Ignore. No action is sometimes the best action that one can do.

DESTINY: Why are our pretty young women not marrying ?
I have met a few female clients who like being alone and I always encourage them to find a partner. But the real truth turns out to be that when it comes to marriage it is not us, ladies who don"t want to marry but it is the guys.

They dare not marry our pretty young ladies and this may boil down to a lack of courage. Come and see me and I can check for you and will give you the seal of courage to marry. Remember my chinese fengshui queen seal ? that is my seal of authority. Let us start counting our single rich bachelors in Singapore and maybe you can understand why. Why arn't they marrying ? then how to have babies, it takes two hands to clap and produce babies.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: There was once a lady, a typical housewife when she divorced her husband and took their daughter, I heard she bought a 5 room HDB flat for a x sum. Her friends wondered why she bought such a big house when all she need is probably a 3 room or a 4 room HDB flat which is cheaper and she could also keep all those spare cash and those spare cash in the bank can give her, peace of mind and a small retirement fund.

I guess maybe this lady could not see the value of money with her mind while what she saw was the value of money in the big space of her 5 room HDB flat for two, she and her daughter.

FSQ NOTE: Can you see the value of money with your mind and count money and not see the value of money as in the big beautiful apartment nicely renovated and was recently purchased ?

This is why I always advise clients to set some cash aside just in case they need and for their retirement fund.

STOCKS: The best time to enter the market is around October or November 2008, time frame, wait a bit more.

TIP:"Gold prices have gone down but will pick up soon. I once gave good advice to a foreign bank when gold was only US$400 an ounce and I said it will continue to go up"

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