Saturday, September 13, 2008

One needs passion to survive, beneath that passion is the drive

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Today, 14 September 2008, Sunday, I went for lunch with my parents and then drove for work to Seletar Hills Estate.

DAILY THOUGHTS: The ability to touch peoples' heart will win the day. Take a look at those people who do a job that touches people's hearts and these are the people who will also make good leaders - the ability to convince people.

LYNN YAP BLOG: My readership may have dropped but then these readers are my clients and so in order to keep my clients, my long term clients, this blog is for you. Hope you can benefit alot from it.

I enjoy my FS work very much as well as my writing.

FENG SHUI: If you place a small object in a place and within hours something happens to you - be it good or bad, this is fengshui for you. I will share little stories about fengshui here and there to help you understand more.

The Five Yellow is in the North although some fengshui master says it is elsewhere. I did my own calculation and it is indeed North and that is why our northern neighbours are encountering troublesome matters like Thailand and Malaysia. Next year, 2009, their troublesome energy will be ok as the Five Yellow will move elsewhere.

North also refers to the younger male and so the younger males are in some trouble this year.

Earthquakes, hurricanes are all in the North, the Northern Hemisphere. convinced ?

A fenghsui master needs training and also years of experiences in order to be the best and I definately want to be the BEST. The one who will make the most accurate predictions - that is my forte.

DESTINY: If your destiny says so this time round has a lot of water then it is best to wear some gemstones on you to reduce your water elments in your bazi so that the rest of the year will be smooth for you.

For those born in the horse animal sign, it might be a good idea to carry a horse pendant on you so that the rat year will clash on the horse pendant and not on you.

FSQ NOTE: It is always good to carry your own animal sign gold pendant in your wallet. 10 years later, that gold will go up in value and you can make money.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: In life after you make one decision then stick to it but be sharp and focussed.

For those whose are having paper loss in stocks, maybe it is time now to buy some to bring the breakeven price to market value and if your funds are limited then enter some now and some later in October when the water in the rat year will be the strongest and which will flood the fire in the stock market and so the market cannot breath.

TIP:"how strong is your drive depends on your survival needs"

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Twilight Zone said...

Master Lynn Yap - Happy Mid Autumn Festival to you and hope you enjoyed lots of mooncakes. The best new flavour I tried was a home made Dragon Fruit flavour. Superb!

I truly agree that Thailand & Malaysia are going tru the worst political crisis. This is driving everyone nuts and tired. I try not to open the newspaper if the front page carries horrible headlines. I believe even newspapers can emit bad & negative frequency & chi. I would rather open your blogs, POSITIVE & HAPPY chi awaits us always! Thank you again.