Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The rain continues and is going to flood

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Today, 24 September 2008, Wednesday, I went to office to do a selection for a brand name and then to Tampiness to do HDB flat fengshui. Oh and today, I receive my 8th bottle of red wine !!! yippy. burb.

DAILY THOUGHTS: I had noticed that most of the time when clients invite me to help them choose their HDB or condo, most of the time they will buy that unit if I said that the house has good fengshui. my closing rate is about 99%.

LYNN YAP BLOG: Today, one client sms me saying please don't delete my blog........I told her I have to delete it as I need to bring readers to my new blog which is going to be at my website and would call it "Daily Thoughts".

FENG SHUI: There was a day when I went to help a client choose a flat and I told her to use her sixth sense to help her get a feel of what it is like to get a good fengshui house. One had a good fengshui while the other had no more power area and so that house tend to be rather dull and the qi feels stale even though the house may look nice and neat.

When the power area is trapped in the middle of the house this means that the people living in the house would move slowly and have things very slow to them and health might not be good either. It is even worse if the wealth area is trapped in the middle.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Keeping cash in the bank even though the interest rate is low is ok and good always remember that at least money stays in the bank and not gone or lost.

FSQ DAILY FENG SHUI TIP: Carry a small workable calculator in your handbag so that you will have lots of money to count. I bought mine from popular book store and is been working well.

TIP:"the rain in spain stays mainly in the plane ?"

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