Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The RAT swings it's tail ~~~

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Today, 4th Sepetmber 2008, Thursday, I went to office and then do a can or cannot buy feng shui for a condo.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Yesterday evening, it rained and rained and when I called my mum in the evening she was concerned if I was caught in the rain and I said "no" as I didn't want her to worry.

As we approach the second half of the year of the RAT and when your mood starts to change for no reason nor rhyme and we all become like RATS !!!, take heart lah !!! Let the rat swing it's tail once more and then the rat year will be gone, I am looking forward to the mini bull year 2009. I always look far - must have vision then can do accurate predictions which I like very much, it is my own wow factor that thrills.

We still need to spend a bit of money this year so that the economy keeps going. Take taxis, go restuarants, go shopping for clothes etc, however you can cut on big ticket items and wait, a while.

Next year, 2009 is a better time to invest especially in stocks but when the stocks are low like now and you think you can afford to go and buy some, then do so but with care and don't over spend, still remember to keep at least 6 months of your expenses in your bank account.

We should have a mini ox or a small mini bull run next year, 2009 if you buy and hold when the timing is right this year and sell by next year of the ox. Read my Google Group or join in, to read my latest tips there as time to time, I will share some secrets there like I did in yahoo.

LYNN YAP BLOG: Yesterday, 3 September 2008, I finally have first 1,000 readers. wow. total is : 1,066 readers, thank you very much for making my dream come true, yes, even fengshui masters can have dreams and I can dream, can't I ?

FENG SHUI: "Feng" means wind, "Shui" means water.

Now think harder what does it all mean to you ? In fengshui terms, it means that the wind will come to your house and disperse the qi but this wind can also blow the qi (invisible energy) to your pond of water in the house. That is why a good fengshui master must know how to use water otherwise why call it the art of feng and shui.

That pond in the house will be used to capture the qi that is blown in by the wind.

That is why most fengshui masters when you invite them in to your house would normally suggest a fountain or a small pond to be placed at your wealth area for continous 20 years good luck and because fengshui changes every 20 years, the wealth area of your house will change every 20 years. We are now at period 8 fengshui begining from 2004 to 2023.

Good caring fengshui masters will tell you where your future wealth area is from the years 2024 to 2043. Then when that time comes, simply shift your fountain or pond to that new wealth area.

DESTINY: Some people have very morbid thinking meaning that when others suffer or in pain they will tend to glee. I hope you are not like this and do not belong to this category of person. This is because this type of person will never learn how to be truly happy.

Ask yourself : Do you wish to know how be happy ? if yes, is your answer then you will really neeed to do just two things :

1) Be nice to everybody around you and when others have success, be happy for them -

2) Learn to let go - There are many things to learn to let go and one way to learn how to let go is to take things easy. most of the time, people stress themselves, the day metal person is like this or below the day also metal, also like this.

They tend to take everything seriously and so they tend to be tensed and when they are tensed, health would not be good. This type of person is best to learn how to take things easy and to let go then they can learn how to be truly happy and relaxed.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Many new readers of mine like this column best is because they probably can't follow what I speak about in fengshui or destiny unless they have their life readings or fengshui done by me. this investment column can suit any new readers in the sense that it is about money and investment, something we all care for, dearly.

I have often read in books or in the papers about this concept of : "paying yourself first". this concept can also be interpretated in many ways : for a small businesss owner like myself is to : pay myself a salary. this can mean pay myself first every 1st day of the month and then all the other company expenses.

For most people : their salary goes into one account and so they have to take x dollars per month and to bank in to another bank that is their most favourable colour bank and then to put money there every 1st day of the month and that is also called : "pay yourself first".

For school children is : to take 50 cents per day and put them in a piggy bank or coin bank and then use the rest. this is called "paying yourself first", if you take a daily allowance.

TIP : "The nose of the ox will charge and arrive around 22 Dec 2008, be ready"


Twilight Zone said...

LOL... I like your way of thinking about the Rats! Yeah, can't wait for the cow to bulldoze in.

Your heart and mind is so strong, sure 1000 readers can happen lah! Now aim for 2K. Congratulations, anyway!

Anonymous said...


Like the daily secret fengshui tips which are good pointers. Suggest that whether all thee fengshui tips could be grouped into one section so that references can be easily obtained.

Regards and thanks