Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wait for the next drop

Today, 29 September 2008, Monday in the afternoon, I would be going down to Chuan Park to do feng shui.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Last night, I watch the F1 in my bedroom and was having champagne in bed. nice, I mean the champagne .....oh the show was really really fantastic, make me want to take my bmw for a ride.Vroom !!! anyhow thanks.

As you can see even though I am a buddhist I am still very open minded and drink as most buddhists would tell you not to drink as pure buddhists cannot take wine. I am what you would say a "very open minded" person with buddhism as my philosophy towards life.

This is the way to go, my dearest and that is : to be open minded and listen to everyone else and then make your own judgement. that way you also come across as being professional in your work.

LYNN YAP BLOG: I might want to keep the blog except that those too sensitive topics I will delete away - leaving articles for those who want to read and just leave it like this. then can still collect google dollars. it is not that I want to make money from advs online just that I feel bad towards Google since they sent me a cheque in sing dollars and I am so grateful.

I will write mainly in my "Daily Thoughts" and share more on shares, market up or down etc. Definately, you will get the best from me and from there. you have to understand that I need to bring traffic to my own website and not to a blog which I don't own and which is very very popular. I don't think my clients knew how popular I was until I blog.

FENG SHUI: .............maybe next year I will have more business in CBD since most of my big corporate clients are there.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: After the successful launch of our Singapore's First F1 night race, the stock market will definately be up this morning and so I sold 100,000 shares which I bought when the market had a big dip the day after Dow Jones dropped 500 points. I cannot influence the stock market if not I would get myself into trouble and so that is one of the main reason why I had to keep my blog with private readers only so as to protect myself and then share the stock tips with you.

I can predict the market up or down but I cannot influence the market nor to influence you to buy any particular stock. Hope you can understand where I am coming from and how best I can help you. just read my blog and learn to pick all the cues ok ? that way, we all can grow our wealth together and party together too.

Now, we wait for the next drop in October and pick some more shares and then sell and that should wrap up for year 2008.

Some men and women have asked me in email or sms what stocks can they buy. It is very difficult to tell you except that you have to take a look at your own bazi and buy those favourable element stocks. Even then it is not all full proof that you can make money. I had already spent years paying tuition fees and now I hope to take back some money from the losses in the past when I was very young like 23 year old and buying my first stock.

DESTINY: Some people want a lot of fame while others prefer to be making money and do not wish for fame. which one do you want ? I prefer to be doing more business than fame as fame can be good and fame can also be bad. the power element in your bazi represnts fame. you got or not ? 1, or 2 elements ? hehe

TIP:"akang datang, next change or coming soon - patience is not a fire element but it can bring in your wealth"


Twilight Zone said...

Master Lynn Yap - While observing the "Middle Paths" I'm sure you know it is definitely okay to drink alcohol and not becoming a drunkard. I always offer cans of beer to the Dharma Protector deities. For meat, we have this Tibetan mantras to ferry the animal souls away before we feast.

Ramakian said...

Master Lynn,

On your comments on buddhists not consuming alcohol, I understand your point very clearly. the issue is not that we can't drink, but not drink to the point where we get so intoxicated until we lose control of our thoughts and actions.

I know what I say here may be controversial to some, but last year I saw a Rinpoche drinking red wine during a ceremony. I asked a wise man why he dared to drink so openly and the reply I got was from what I mentioned in my earlier paragraph.

You could say I was 'enlightened' after listening to his explanation.