Monday, September 08, 2008

We must respect our parents only then others will respect us

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Today, 9 September 2008, Tuesday, I went to office and then to the western part to check fengshui for a hdb flat.

DAILY THOUGHTS: You know......I was wondering what else in feng shui that you like to read. Well, I thought maybe I should begin on short sessions about fengshui and for today, I shall touch on fengshui for the single ladies. How to do up your bedroom so that it can attract the man in your life since I need to get all of you to MARRY.

There was a lady who sent me an email on "contentment is happiness". thank you, sweetie. One has to come to realise it then it hits you and only then can the contentment part of you come about. When one is contented, it shows in the speech, the calming face, no frowns, no wrinkles, no aging of the face and most important of all - the action of the person who has arrived at contentment, let us strive to be one.

My readership has dropped or maybe more people are using Google reader to read my blog.

FENG SHUI: How to fengshui a single lady's bedroom:
1) Buy a bunch of plastic pink or peach flowers and place them anywhere in the bedroom - the idea is that when one walks into the bedroom and one can see plenty of interesting flowers that it means that that lady has plenty of romance and I mean good romance to choose from.

2) Buy 4 male dolls like barbie doll but is a male type and place him next to your bed - and if you wish for a business type guy to come into your life then he has to wear a businesss suit complete with jacket and brief case.

3) Your bed should have a wall behind and where your legs are should also face another wall - that way when you sleep, you can get deep sleep and having deep sleep is important because then you can think well and have a clearer mind at the work place.

4) For some, they have to wear the 3 dimentional animal signs of the guys that they are interested in, some no need to wear.

5) For some, they even have to place the animal stature of the guy that she is interested in so that they can be together.

6) Then if a couple is in a relationship, they have to take a photo together and place that photo beside the bed on a beside table and to place a real rose in front of the photo for better romance.

7) One can also have flowers as a wall paper in the bedroom, it works too.

FSQ NOTE: All of the above works, try it if you need to as these are free tips for you.

DESTINY: If your destiny says, it is difficult to find a good partner in your life, then try the above or maybe you really need to go for match making. then please go or unless you wish to be single all your life, better don't ok ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: As parents, we too have to spend some time reading about how to be financially savvy. After reading about how others do it only then can we try to save money as being frugal can help us to grow rich and after that, we can then train our kids to be one or who knows some of our kids are better savers than us then it really puts us into shame sometimes.

In life, as you try to save money, you may find that sometimes it is impossible to cut down on your expenses as you may have a responsibilty to bring your parents for example to bring them out for dinner every weekned. then, you may have to spend.

There was a lady who came to me for life reading and asked me if she should cut down on these : I pondered for a while and said "no", please continue.

This is because : when you put yourself in the shoes of her parents, the only enjoyment that the elderly folks have was to : look forward to a good weekend where her daughter and son in law would come and fetch them and bring them out to dinner. so, how can anyone be so mean as to take away that "little happiness" that her daugher had for her. I can't. Besides I did ask how much she would spend each time and it is only about a S$100/- simple dinner and I said that's fine.

TIP:"To earn respect is to have honour and integrity"


Wealth Journey said...

Yup, spending money on your loved ones should not be considered expenses. It is something more valuable... what company like to put in financial report - intangible benefit called goodwill (relationship).

Oh ya.. Parents also like to go on trips with their children and grandchildren. So PLEASE! Organise at least a trip yearly with your parents and not just go with your friends.

Twilight Zone said...

I've been hearing from other sources that Mandarin Ducks worked. I myself received so many Mandarin Ducks including a Donald Duck but nothing happened. I never felt that it could work but I got married anyway to my soul mate years later. I'm quite spiritual minded and really agree that this plastic flowers & porcelain statues could work on some people.