Sunday, September 21, 2008

When one do many good deeds then one will meet with the rightful master

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Today, 21 September 2008, Sunday, I went to check fengshui for a condo at Leicester area and then to ubi office to do life readings.

DAILY THOUGHTS: How did your week go ? Good, I hope.

LYNN YAP BLOG: Once the Daily Thoughts is up on my website this blog will be closed. I would write for only one area and promote it.

FENG SHUI: Fengshui can help you to see wealth come in faster however one would also have to do good deeds then the wealth can continue to come.

DESTINY: A person who is born in the dog (7pm to 9pm) or dragon hour (7am to 9am) would usually be plump.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Start saving again and try to save, however there will always be something that you like to eat or to buy and if it is very important then can go ahead, if not then wait.

Money earned today need to be saved and not spent as one never know when one will need more money. for some people, money comes in easy while for some others, it is all hard earned money.

FSQ FENG SHUI TIP: To prolong your life, wear the animal sign of your hour pillar on you. If you don't know then when you come for your annual review 2009 then ask, ok ?

TIP:"The rightful master is known as a learned man or kau ren (mandarin) in the old days"

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