Sunday, September 14, 2008

When your mind is calm, whatever scenery you see is beautiful

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Today, 15 September 2008, Monday, I went to attend to my personal matters then at 8pm got a can or cannot buy for a house at Lavender Area.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Read the headlines on top of my blog and then read the bottom tips because they are related.

LYNN YAP BLOG: When you write your blog and only a few people read, it would seem like you are talking to yourself. however if there are many readers, you would feel different and that you will have to write with responsibilty because there are thousands of readers out there and you don't know who they are !!! if you own a blog, you will know what I mean.

FENG SHUI: Recently there was a man from jkt who sent me an sms asking me if indonesia stock market will pick up soon and I replied "no" then he asked again, when will it go up as he wants to know if he may cut loss or wait.

I replied him with a "no" because I know what is going to happen to Indonesia in 2009 because of the "five yellow" energy.

NEXT YEAR, 2009 : The five yellow will be in the SOUTH.

Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand, parts of India, South America is going to have troublesome energy and therefore stock markets will not improve particulary in Indonesia. In fact there may even be earthquakes there and can be as early as Dec 2008, the start of the ox year and it will be no bull for the stock market.

You can catch the details in January 2009 when I make my first presentation on my Predictions. You won't be able to download my presentations in your thumbdrive like last year until I have finished all my 2009 Presentations or I will upload it here and you can mail it to all your friends like in 2008, the revised edition one (now still in GOOGLE search engines) where I took out the page on my corporate clients.

As usual, I will only give my predictions in early January 2009.

Therefore any stocks that we hold that has revenue from Indonesia may be down for quite a while. Try not to pick those stocks if you wish to make money on a : one time off for next year, 2009.

DESTINY: At the work place, even if we know we are smart but we cannot show that we are smart if not the bosses may be afraid of us. The intelligence of any person is denoted by the fire element in their bazi. check to see where the fire element is in your "4 pillars of Destiny".

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: When we make more money on a month what do most people do with their money ? some spent them on LCD tvs or buy jewels, expensive watches while some even buy brand new expensive cars.

Then what happens when the next few months are slow and next few years ? they usually tend to complain.

That is why it is important in life to be frugal most of the time (or learn how to be frugal) and save money. that is why people always say we need to save for a rainy day and the rainy day is about to come - where some people will get unemployed and that is a tough time for any family. The world's economy is going to be "choppy" for a couple of years. so hang on !!! and use the fengshui in your house to help you create more opportunities and business.

Therefore : "The person who has the vision to see far will rule the investment world".

CURRENTLY READING: "Smart women finish rich" by David Bach

TIP:"When your mind is troubled, whatever beautiful scenery will not seem beautiful"

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Jeremy said...

Mastern Lynn, I hear you and totally agree.

Always stay CALM even in times of trouble, be POSITIVE and favourable things as well as BEAUTIFUL THINGS will come your way if you persist and keep trying.

When you are not doing well, stop complaining and start finding ways to keep improving then things will eventually get better!

Thank you for the lesson and good advise.