Thursday, October 16, 2008

22 Oct is the first sign of the Ox year

Today, 16 October 2008, Thursday, I went down to Suntec to do an office fs and then to do a condo fs near to United Square then home.

DAILY THOUGHTS: How have you been this week ? the ox's nose is appearing soon and so many people will fall sick. So, please take good care of yourself, ok ?

FENG SHUI: Feng shui is indeed very very powerful and can help you in your business or whatever that you wish and that includes romance. However feng shui can be used to do bad things too.

Example is : When your competitor gives you a nice expensive vase and you happen to place it in your wealth area then no more wealth is going to come to you.

Competition in business is always good - because it helps you to stand on your feet all the time and waiting to fight like "guang kong" which is a common diety found in most chinese companies.

DESTINY: Destiny in life is one thing. the other is to create merits in life so that your destiny will always be smooth and good meaning that even when negative events are suppose to hapen to you that year, it will come small and so you will be ok. So start donating money to create more good luck for yourself.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: What happens if you own shares in a company and you used those shares to pledge for more cash. Then, when the market goes down like these few months wouldn't you be in trouble ?

This year, I predicted that those in the water industry - they will have good news and they will have bad news.
Overall, they will be in trouble in this year like those planes and ships. Go read my "Predictions for 2008".

Next year of the Ox is earth element - guess what would happen ?

TIP: "let's watch what will happen on this day, ok ?"


Learner said...

Dear Master Lynn

Hopefully, on 22 Oct, the earth stocks will skyrocket up ....pessimistically, they could tumble down ...

or buildings collapsing and earthquakes **shivers**

Lynn Yap said...


The current crisis would take some time before everything is back to normal.

The stock market would go like a "yo yo". up and down and so forth. For traders, they love this as they can make money.

For short term investors (5 years), we are at peace and would wait.

There would be a mini rally in Jan 2009 and Feb 2009. so if you intend to cash out, this should be the right timing. however your selling price (to make profit) should be about right. Otherwise, I should say it is going to be a 10 year wait for you if you have bought property stocks as they have dropped quite a
lot recently and I do see their stock dropping in the next few years like 2009, 2010, and 2011.

This is the best time to buy more and wait to cash all at the "right timing".

Hence, in shares trading, one need experience.

Twilight Zone said...

Master Lynn Yap - You are so accurate. I just got back from Hong Kong like a sick & dead corpse. I hardly fall sick but kept wondering how come my flu dragged for days. I must have accidentally touched the Ox's nose somewhere.