Thursday, October 16, 2008

The bagua that we carry helped us avert misfortunes

Today, 17 October 2008, Friday, morning went to do my personal stuff and then out in the afternoon for an appointment to check a can or cannot buy condo at Novena area. Looks like this area is getting "hot".

DAILY THOUGHTS: The hot topic on people's mouth is probably about the stock market and many probabaly wonder how low will it go. Let's wait till 22 October and then see where it is going. this is the time to buy some good stocks and wait for next year. Come to my talk on "Predictions for 2009" at Safra Mt Faber, Toa Payoh or Tampiness and ask me any questions.

FENG SHUI: Many years ago, I did a fengshui for a building and called it : "The Queen's Kirin" at Changi Business Park. In 2008, I did another project at Jurong Area and called it : "The Queen's Dragon" situated along the main road where you can see it with the Dragon's pearl inside the Dragon's mouth. Once it is done, it will be a very powerful building.

FSQ NOTE: We all know the Dragon will always chase after the pearl so why not make the Dragon happy by placing the pearl in the Dragon's mouth ?

DESTINY: Some people have the bazi to be very rich without making much effort. while most of us have to work to get some money. however there are even those who had to work hard for a whole year to even earn a month of our salary. Therefore, I want you to be thankful for whatever that you have now.

Learning to appreciate people and things around us is a step to obtaning happiness in life.

Ask yourself : Are you happy ? if the answer is no. write down why no and then ask yourself again. what CAN you do to make your life happy today ?

SAVVY INVESTMENT: Today, another sms came and asked if he or she can buy one particular stock A and I replied that I have been buying up and now have 60,000 shares. I am just waiting and see how.

What happened : When the Dow Jones dropped at 500 points and then at 777 points. We waited and waited then enter once. then kena stuck then enter again also kena stuck and now "stuck stuck".

Altogether, the Dow Jones dropped 3 times but the last one was the longest drop for a couple of days like a woman who got mad with her husband and refuse to talk to him.

Actually, it depends on what goes on in your mind ? did you buy to keep for 5 years then you don't bother or you buy to sell and make profit ? then bad news cause not experienced enough. But I think many stock experts also not experienced. I think we are better off at least we know the Dow Jones was going to drop and when. At least, we are not caught unaware. Last year 2007, I also accurately predicted the dip and it went down for 3 times too.

Well, I go into the market for the "thrill" that it provides so that my life would not be so dull. hehe and am enjoying every moment of the "coaster ride" with my mind there at the present moment and in time. I tend to look at the bigger picture of things (waiting for it to rise and rise) and don't ever worry. what's there to worry about ? at the most, I loose all those money.

TIP: "I will always care for you if you become my client or not yet my client, then I wait. Patience is key to most matters even the stock market"

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