Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Be sincere in your attitude towards people

Today, 29 October 2008, Wednesday, I went down to Raffles Country Club for Magnus Energy AGM n EGM.
The lions there are still facing one another.

DAILY THOUGHTS: For some of us, who are buddhists would always live their lives in simplicity.

The other day, I met a client who is also a buddhist like myself and she told me that she live her life in simplicity and I exclaimed, me too. Maybe you don't believe me but it is true. see ? I don't drink coffee or tea but only plain water and each night before I sleep a glass of red wine.

I belong to a different group of "women" so don't learn to be like me and drink what I drink and eat what I eat.
you will be bored. hehe

As a true buddhists, I accept whatever food is given to me and simply eat them and no complaints. Hence, you would never find me saying that the food is too oily or the rice too ripe etc. I merely just eat.

You may then think that hei, that is silly......but we all eat to live, isn't it ? so that we can go from today to tomorrow and so why make life difficult for those round you ? and why go to the man and says your rice is too ripe or worst, over night rice.

Saving your breath here is "a virtue" and can create good luck to come to you. Have you tried ? I have and am a firm believer of keeping my mouth "shut".

FENG SHUI: Everyday when you come home, you would have to check the water level in your pond that is in the wealth area. Ensure that the water level is always 3/4 full and that the water is running or splashing all the time, ok ?

If you do fengshui in your house and you don't wish to install a water feature then using a "painting of fishes" or "waterfall" in the form of "still water" is also a good subsititute. however when the wealth comes, it is only S$60/-

DESTINY: When you have wealth and you say things at meetings or board meetings, people somehow will listen to you unless you have 2 power elements in your bazi then there is no need to have a lot of wealth when you speak and people also listen.

"The Power Element" can come in the form of status example if you are related to "so and so" or you have lots of money or you have two power element in your bazi and very little wealth. Power also give rise to fame hence you would become famous. however being famous does not necessarily mean you have wealth.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: There are some stocks that reach a high of say S$18/- in 2007 but say they fall to now S$6/-. Would you think it is a good time to buy this stock ? and there are many good stocks like these and which do you buy ?...........maybe buy all. hehe

Well, you can choose those that are suitable for your bazi and buy them. however, for these kind of stocks, this investment has to be kept for at least 5 years before you can make money and then exit. I hope you've got my point.

FSQ DAILY TIP: When you buy take away food always keep the "wooden chopstick" given and bring home and put it in the drawer in your kitchen to represent that : there will always be food for the family.

TIP:"People can feel whether or not you are sincere in helping people or helping yourself"


Learner said...

dear master lynn

such "$18 share which drop to $6" is a property share...can keep for 5 years? earth industries would prosper by then...i am sure.

this seems a good time to buy in bank (metal) shares too....

re the wooden chopsticks, there were some say that such wooden chopsticks are not advisable to use...so, we just keep in our kitchen but keep for how long and i presume, we don't use it?


Lynn Yap said...


Thank you for your questions.

1) No, it is not a property share. It was a number that I throw in and to support my point that I want to get it across.

2) Buy bank stocks ? wait till they announce their annual reports. I still think it is too early to enter.

3)Just keep the wooden chopsticks lah. this is my own secret and why should I share this with you if you are going to ask me questions upon questions. right ? I should have chosen to keep my secret my secret, just like my taxi receipts or any paper receipts that I keep.

Only when you do what I have kindly shared with all of you and that you saw results then you will understand what I mean.