Friday, October 24, 2008

The bubble burst for the stocks and the bubble will burst for the property soon

Today, 25 October 2008, Saturday I went to ubi office to do an annual review and two more annual reviews from a couple who live in KL, Malaysia. Oh! and I have my 11th bottle of red wine since blogging.

DAILY THOUGHTS: When I attend AGMs or even EGMs, what I want to learn is to gather the knowledge from those who asked questions. when they speak, we understand where they are coming from and then we pick up the signals of what is actually happening and to listen to what the management has to say.
Wood Industry stocks : will still show good profits for their year ending 2008 like in 2007. however because of the "stock market's bazi" and the "current economic conditions" that is why stock prices start to fall. Hence, we should read the industry sector's performance together with the "current economic conditions" for the year, and that should be our "answer". I still bet on "wood" industries.

FENG SHUI: The "5 yellow" is in the NORTH this year and sickness in the SOUTH EAST. I may be the only fengshui master who predicted this and just look at all the happenings in the northern hemisphere. The earthquakes in China, problems in Malaysia and Thailand and financial crisis in USA also north. North also denotes younger male and so these are the ones who had troubles.

The troublesome energy will fall in the SOUTH next year. If I haven't convinced you enough then stay tune to next year 2009 and wait and see the results. The sickness energy is where ? Come to my "predictions talk" and find out.

The FS cure : is to use two dumb bells or weights for troublesome energy, "5 yellow" or to use a bronze hulu for the sickness energy. ideally, you can use 4 : 2 hulu and the other 2 is to use empty vases.

DESTINY: I am someone who has very few friends probably because I know too much and so I "siam" them. hehe. do you many close friends or very few close friends ? this in itself is destiny.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: So what do people do when the market is down is to enter now to get some good stocks and keep.

If you are a "day trader", you probably already are a seasoned player and know what to do and how to react. Well, catch the "window of opportunity" in Jan 2009 and Feb 2009 to cash out and make profit. These are the timing that the market is going up.

Most fengshui masters already predicted the "down in the stock market" and not many believed - those "ba ba ti". This is because some do not trust "fengshui masters" or to take them seriously which is so sad but then : what the heck ! we just take care of ourselves and make money lah !

TIP:"what a lot of wealth that had been swept away to bring about fortune changing hands"


Twilight Zone said...

Master Lynn Yap - I have long guessed that you are a humble psychic, that is why you know how to 'siam' many fellows. Other psychics I have met have similar patterns like your good self.

Lynn Yap said...

Twilight Zone

Thank you for your comments. Yes, I am psychic to some extent though not perfect, I know myself.

It takes discipline, daily meditation and "siamness" in order to create sharp spot on "predictions".

When Dow Jones had a big drop 777points in October, one client sms asking me if it is over. I could feel that it wasn't and so I predicted a 22nd October 2008 down in the stock market and it came true. I was spot on !!!

I would like to do another good accurate "predictions for 2009" as well as when the market is going up.

Lynn Yap said...

Twilight Zone

You are good too, damn good in being "spot on" at least you know the good ones from the bad.

"chu nee how yun" !!!