Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cloud 9 feeling is wonderful. White cloud feeling is even, more nice !

Today, 15 October 2008, Wednesday, I will be going down to Ubi office for 2 readings and then to waterloo street to meet the interior designer for the factory project that I just did, we have a meeting.

DAILY THOUGHTS: This morning I went downstairs and to my garden sit on my outdoor furniture and with my HP and Starhub, I started to blog with my radio 90.5fm in the background listening to music and to the latest news. I figured that I would be home late today since I might have a long meeting so better to blog and to get that"out of my mind" first.

FENG SHUI: If you live in a landed property and your house is facing a busy road ? what does that mean ? The road represents water or river in fengshui terms and hence there is a need to "ground" your house by using big big boulders of any kind.

If you drive along a busy road and that house either have a pair of stone lions or big boulders then chances are that house has been fengshuied.

DESTINY: There was a day when I mentioned here about how the birth of a baby can make a couple's relationship fall out.....then I had 2 more people coming for life reading and asking me about their relationships with spouses.

I can tell you that : retrenchment has started and it is not from our country but overseas. hold on tight to your job and if you have any problem, sms me. I am always there for my clients, 24 hours no matter where I am. I am still contactable even though I am going to Nepal soon for my retreat to reflect on myself for the whole year on whether I have been naughty or nice. hehe

FSQ NOTE: If you are in business it is better to be in a recession proof business or if not then ensure that you have plenty of cash in the bank to tie you over the next few years or do fengshui to speed your business up.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: I have a group of clients who when they strike 4D tells me that the feeling is : "really nice". I didn't know how that feeling was till I sold my 100,000 shares and picked up a small profit and I went "wah" deep inside. Everytime I think of that "thrill", I go "cloud 9".

Tell me your stories when I see you next year for your review. If you've plenty of stories, ask me for 3 hours of my time. I will be there to listen.

Selling shares : if your bazi is not suitable to buy shares like mine and is trying so hard to make some profit then when you buy, you buy in stages and when you sell also sell in stages. that way , the stock will go up even higher. we call this the fengshui reasoning. absurb. but why don't you try it yourself then see for yourself. And it works 100% of the time.

It is about understanding the "universe energy" and you and how to balance it, right.

TIP: "White means pure. Are you tainted or are you white?"

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