Sunday, October 19, 2008

The coming of a new era

Today, 20 October 2008, Monday, I went down to Ubi office to do readings.

DAILY THOUGHTS: The coming of a new era brings about changes in fortune for all. Some will find more while others will have less. These are the workings of the Universe which in itself is quite complex and difficult to comprehend for most people. 2009 would be an interesting year to watch. What I want is for most to have a stable job and be happy. If you get promoted and moved to a bigger house, is fine. Don't forget to check the feng shui first. hehe

FENG SHUI: One turn of the "wheel" and fortunes changes. In fengshui, I always tell people : people can be stubborn for the "right reason" and also stubborn for the "wrong reason". It is "what you know" that will set you apart from your peers.

Suppose the "wheel" has to go "anti clockwise" for a good reason, it should remain so. Because in life, one must remember that one may not know the whole truth of matters so why react in this manner ? Ultimately the truth of all matters will surface and guess who suffers ?

DESTINY: Of all the 12 animal signs there exits all animals except the Dragon which in real life dun have. Hence, the Dragon is seen to be a very powerful "animal" can can denote the "water element" in its interpretation of bazi. this is a hidden secret which most masters may not know.
Maybe they may disagree with me but that is fine. The truth will ultimately surface itself and my predictions for the individual will hold the final key to their own destiny and I have many clients to vouch for that. hehe

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: If you are small business owner the first thing to learn other than having more sales and reducing expenses to create more profit for yourself and your shareholders. One should also have the ability to read your own balance sheets and understand it.

You would look a lot smarter talking to your friends or associates when you can speak the financial lingo. If you are intending to invest into another company : there are a few ways to do it : a) injecting all cash b) shares swop and cash c) soley shares swop to bring about a "win win" situation.

STOCKS n FENGSHUI: In 2008 - It is a "ying water" year. hence stocks related to the water element did well the first half however towards the second half, they did not do well. Next year is earth and earth will suppress the water element industry.

In 2009 -It is a "ying earth" year. hence stocks related to the earth element will still be able to do well the first half however towards the second half' it will be very very tough for them. this is because the "wood tiger" 2010 year is approaching which is normally quite bad for the "earth" industry.

Even though property prices will start to fall - however if you are a savvy property investor, please wait because it can go down further. However, this has to tally with your own bazi, when the timing to buy or to sell your property.

TIP:"will begin in 2009 and continues......"


Learner said...

Dear Master Lynn,

Will there be 'some' recovery for water stocks (eg Cosco, Keppel Corp, BioTreat) in 2009 since they were sort of 'washed out' in the last 4-6 months?

If so, then, can advise my dad to buy in some now, to 'break even' by Jan/Feb 2009.


Lynn Yap said...


Thank you for an interesting question.

Water Industry will not do well in 2009 because the earth will come and control the water.

The only window of opportunity that I see for most industries would be in Jan and Feb 2009 which is of the wood months and which can feed the stock market which is fire.

Personally, I have already averaged up and waiting to exit for those stocks that I buy to learn how to trade. Others are for my long term investment as I prefer to keep cash in shares rather than elsewhere.

janet said...

hi mly,
which indutry will be good to buy in then.

Lynn Yap said...


Come to my talk on "Predictions for 2009" and find out ok ?

My stock portfolios are meant for my own bazi while everyone has their own stock portfolios according to their bazi.

Why not check yours ?

Learner said...

Thank you, Master Lynn.

If my favourable element is fire and wood, does it then mean that these stocks suit my bazhi and I can 'buy'?

Yes, have signed up for your Jan talks liao. and will be calling you soon for a reading in Nov.

Thank you.