Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Drop, drop then drip blood - code : enter

Today, 28 October 2008, Tuesday, I went to do annual reviews.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Everytime if someone calls me and speak of the financial crisis, I would listen and then tell them where I stand on this matter. Firstly, for most of them they are not so affected about it : that is they didn't loose their job because of this, they still got their family members and their good health.

Then, it was my turn to tell them : Why do you worry ? other people who are directly involved have more trouble and stress than you have. Don't you agree ? and there are many people out there working very late at night to clear some mess. while here, you are still surviving, so be thankful !!!

Anyhow, these are usually not my clients just some readers of my blog who wanted to know when my new blog will be ready.

What I am driving at is : There are other people who really are in deep trouble and they have more worries and stress than we do. We, believers of fengshui are able to get away from this "deep shit" because we have got a small bagua inside our wallets to protect us from making mistakes. You would remember I always stress that cash in your bank STAYs even though the interest rate is very small, but the money stays.

FENG SHUI: When clients wish to engage a fengshui master, it should not be the fee that is the decisive factor but the fact that this fengshui master's fengshui do work and has proven track record and just pay what the master ask.

Anyhow, "word of mouth" is the most powerful tool in gaining more and more clients.

DESTINY:If you have a fire element in the day pillar and if you train hard, you can still be a savvy investor in stocks.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: I learnt a lesson this time: "patience in buying" in is key. I should have waited till it drop, drop, drop, drip blood then buy. Anyhow, I am still proud of my purchase as I buy in stages.

Remember to "sing" good energies then the market will go up, ok ?

Can you just imagine the ST index at 3600 and now drip to STI 1600, can you tell me how much money is gone ? it is really really huge and so wealth comes and go away just like that. What does it tell us ?

Quote about money :"It is there, it is not there".

It was a "perceived wealth" in terms of "share price" and still is now. Those brave hearts like us, now who go in will be singing the last song and popping champagne.

TIP:"enter in 3 stages is best and wait"

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