Saturday, October 11, 2008

In any Crises there will always be a silver lining and it is how we can look at the bigger picture

Today, 12 October 2008, Sunday, my family celebrated my dad's birthday at Orchid Country Club, one of my parents favourite hangouts.

DAILY THOUGHTS: The market really has been down the whole week but then us, fengshui followers already knew it was coming and it had to be a BIG one. We were all prepared for it. Then....what did you do after you have witnessed the big drop. If you did something then you can be termed a savvy investor and to be one would need life's "experiences" in share investing.

LYNN YAP BLOG: This is my 239 posts since I started blogging on 20 May 2008 and soon it will be 5 months on 19 October 2008.

FENG SHUI: Many years ago, when I was doing fengshui, I began to use the word QUEEN and then some chinese speaking masters said : Singapore got Queen fengshui meh ? yeah, got mah. it's me and I have been busy working and building my own wealth because I knew that was the way I wanted it to go.

That time, I heard these "masters" went to complain to their sifus. I had a good laugh then and was begining to feel that I am the leader in this industry in the english speaking market.

Then in 2008, 20 May I started a blog and thought maybe I should "advertise" to get people to come and read my blog and that was the time I heard from my clients that: Her friends ask her why I call myself QUEEN ? I laughed again and this lady client told her friends that she heard me speak in public before and agreed that I am Queen.

Anyhow, FengshuiQueen is my registered trademark as I was the first one to start using it and to register this mark. I smart mah but it also took me a long time to get it registered.

The Queen is now wealthy, grown her wealth over the years from properties by being a savvy property investor. At least after some years in business, got something to show like my 3 assets and planning for a 4th when the timing is right for me.

DESTINY: A fire person will work hard for the passion for the job rather than focusing on the money that was paid for his worth. I hope this fire person will learn to grow their income per annum and focus on it. If you currently earn S$120k per annum then go for S$200k per annum to show people your worth in the market.

You need results to know ? whether in assets or cash or shares owned or your income earned in a year. These are the benchmarks that people use so we just follow.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Many readers who are not my clients love this section because the knowledge shared can help them. I also hope I can help them in this way. It didn't matter to me if they are not my clients because my own motivation was to educate people.

SHARE INVESTING: This is my portfolio and I used to show my portfolio of S$100k. this time I use less money to buy them.

Check your own bazi and then buy some shares. choose your own ok ?

For me, I went in stages. For example: I buy 20 first then another 20. this time round, I learnt a lesson.

TIP "Don't be too quick to buy and learn to be patient and wait. The mountain tortoise will win the race"

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