Friday, October 10, 2008

It's a cycle predicting events and is a fengshui cycle

Today, 11 th October 2008, Saturday, went to ubi for 2 life readings then to do HDB fengshui.

Yesterday I had a drink with the author of the blog, "life of lopsided 8" and she gave me two bottles of wine. Wow, now I have my 9th n 10th bottle of red wine since the day of blogging. thank you !!! "wa hoh hoi sum"

FENG SHUI: There are people who believe in feng shui and there are those who still don't. while there are also those who know a bit of fengshui and then go around and "hang hang" (scare) people, which is very bad

I always believe in : What goes out from you will come back to you.

Hence, I never like to scare people and would prefer to educate people about fengshui or at least to share with them on how fengshui can truly work since now you know....there exists false fengshui whose theories can sound very logical but then there is a deeper truth to it. And only if you are highly enlightened being then you will be able to have the vision to see far.

In short: the fengshui master who can accurately predict events that are to happen will be the one whith the deeper vision and there would be many followers. is because this master has helped many to make money and see the world in a bigger picture and not focus on small things to make themselves miserable, all the time.

Recently, I was asked for my predictions 2009 slides and I replied not ready as I usually do my predictions after my retreat so that I can analyse the world better and to give a better prediction. Anyway, overall : no good year ok ? I already forsee unemployment being the biggest problem next year.

DESTINY: Only when you have done many good deeds in your life then you will be able to meet a good fengshui master. It is always good to have a religion and once you say you are a buddhists or a taoists then people can see where you are coming from. so, you got religion or not ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS:: Industries in the wood element would still make huge profits in 2008 as when we read their annual reports. Industries in the wood element are : paper, printing, palm oil plantations, clothing, curtains, furnitures, events organising, seminars, hair business, education, schools etc

I will let you know which element industry will do well in 2009.
Fengshui masters other role is : to guide you when making investments.

TIP:"If not, then how do you explain this BIG crash in the stock market which is a fire element"


STUMPBO said...

Your 10th bottle? Yesterday was coincidentally 10 Oct too, 10,10,10!

Thanks to you too! CHEERS!

Lynn Yap said...


Yes, it is my 9th and 10th bottle since blogging on 20 May 2008. Actually, I have received more than 10 bottles of red wine todate since Jan 2008.