Saturday, October 04, 2008

The market has its ups and downs and so do life

Today, 5th October 2008, Sunday, I went to visit my parents and then to do fs for a condo along upper thomson road.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Everyday as you come and read my blog : imagine the time I spent writing it and churning out stories on fengshui, destiny and also about investment strategies and my views on how to be a savvy investor. then learn to be thankful.

Being able to appreciate others kindness is one act of good fortune that is SURE to come and it will come in, once your own realisations sets in.

For any small or medium size companies, once the business grow the first step is to up your salary or pay yourself a reasonable salary.

LYNN YAP BLOG: Thank you for coming to read my blog. thanks. I just heard from my client that many people are beginning to talk about my successful blog.

FENG SHUI: The year 2009 is not going to be a good one, so do be prepared to bear with whatever is going to come and happen in the year itself. and if you do noticed: fengshui masters may also differ in their predictions on the year itself. what's most important is : do a follow up to see which master is more accurate than the other.

This is the platform for measuring the master in terms of their predictions also bearing in mind that the last financial crises was in 1997 the year of the ox and history do repeats, itself.

DESTINY: There is a guy who has an earth in his day pillar and so when this sort of person buys that "particular stock", that stock is sure to fall like my Humpty Dumpty, Ted. Wana play some more and loose ? or try follow this technique : Sell half and keep half. Stock, Sure to go up, then sell all.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: People say : Arriving at your first million is the most difficult, and that I agree is true. Most of the time, we only know how to spend our money or know how to save and save but then may not know how to create wealth for ourselves. This blog is called :"The Savvy Investor" because it wants to help people learn how to make money from money.

Everytime I hear someone says she or he wants to buy this property is because of "wanting to have an investment property". I get worried for them as I feel that some people do not have "enough knowledge n experience" about property values, investing in properties, fengshui of the property, whether good fengshiui or bad ones.

This is where I come in, meaning that after the fengshui is done, I would sit down with them and discuss about properties. some of them learnt a lot from me while some are really newbies who simply have no idea at all about buying properties. I think I was the first one to coin this phrase "investment property" and that it became popular as many of clients to use this phrase too.

In this year 2008 - there are some people who are due to loose big sums of money and that is their destiny. While there are some people who can make big money during this rat year. If you read the news, people who lost money this time is really huge while those who make money are also huge too.

TIP: "Metally prepared for the ups and downs in life is the best as there will be no one around to help you. only you have to learn how to help yourself"


Learner said...

Thanks for sharing, Master Lynn.

You are assured that there are many of the 100 priviledge readers (incl myself) who gets to read your blog, appreciate your effort. Thank you.

From your post, it seems that 2009 may be tougher than 2008. Though the bill has been passed, things aren't looking good (as yet)... it seems that Oct 2008 will be a gloomy period for the stock market ...sob sob.

You wrote that
"There is a guy who has an earth in his day pillar and so when this sort of person buys that "particular stock", that stock is sure to fall like my Humpty Dumpty, Ted. Wana play some more and loose ? or try follow this technique : Sell half and keep half. Stock, Sure to go up, then sell all."

Does it mean that a person with an earth in the day pillar cannot buy 'earth stocks' or cannot buy your favourite stock?


Lynn Yap said...


Thank you for your comments and thanks !!!

We've had great years in the stock market from 2006 to 2007 while first half of 2008 is considered not bad and then the second half which is sure to go down as predicted.

2009 for stocks - is not totally bad. come to my talks to find out more.

The person with a dog or dragon in their day pillar is not advised to invest in shares generally.

My favourite stocks ....well when I buy, I hope to make some money and if others follow then sure to go down lah !!! this is the reason why we should keep quiet when we buy and can talk about it when we sell. I think I had better do this and is not because I am selfish and do not wish to share but is because I too want to make money from stocks - just to prove my point.


Leaner said...

Can understand, all of us hope to make some coffee monies for ourselves.

Oh no, looks like my shares on hand (bought recently) will hv to face paper loss liao 'since you mentioned that shares will do down as predicted.' Tot the worst is over, after such a big fall...sigh.

yes, have been attending your talks and will continue to do so. ...and so far, SAFRA has yet to open up registration?? can't seem to register.

will ask you more re the day pillar when i meet you for my next annual review.

hope to read your daily thoughts soon ...cos, the weekly thoughts in your website has been 'on hold' for over 3 months liao. am sure the same priviledge is given to golden/lifetime membership when your new website is ready for sharing.

thanks and take care.

Lynn Yap said...


You can register for my talk at Safra Mt Faber which is now open for registration. Kindly call them or go down to Safra.

If you have bought shares recently, it depends if you bought it for long term investment or short term or simply to trade.

If you just wish to make coffee money then this week or next week, can sell.