Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The market will be up earliest Jan 2009

Today, 9 October 2008, Thursday, I will be going to Ubi office and then go HengHeng Goldsmith at Toa Payoh to buy a gold pendant, goat for my dad's birthday this coming sunday as he will be 78 this year and next year is the year of the ox which would clash with his own animal sign of the goat. I bought a round flat one so that he can drop it in his wallet and also bought another one for my mum and 3 other gold items for myself.

DAILY THOUGHTS: This is the big down that I am talking about in my "Predictions for the year 2008". I am not sure if there is going to be a mini drop or maybe won't happen and then we are off to the new lunar year.
There will always be some who trust my predictions yearly while there will always be those who are sceptical about us, Fengshui Masters and this is the reason why I wanted Fengshui Masters to be more acceptable by the public and accorded their rightful social status by being very accurate in predictions year after year and to be well loved by many who have benefited from fengshui which my fengshuiQueen Brand truly works cause I am the QUEEN.

This year, 2008, my company achieved a paid up capital of S$500k and made it to become a member of Singapore Business Federation coupled with my business admin degree, I will stand out in the crowd.

FENG SHUI: Have you seen many variations of laughing buddha ? I heard even have one that is standing on a dragon. If you have this at home, you have to becareful where the dragon's big "mouth" is facing.

Then the way the laughing buddha carry the "gold ingot" got a lot to play with. If you buy one one standing, you would remember my joke of : "wait he kar very sen" then you know. This laughing Buddha is usually placed at a corner diagonally opposite your dining table, very happy for work one. see ? I always laughing mah.

I also got one carrying gold sitting on my desk and facing all my clients, bringing wealth to you. I want those who come to my office to always make money !!!

Then they will say my fengshui work then I have more business. hehe

DESTINY: The first thing to understand about life is to : to learn to accept your fate first. Then learn how to be happy with all your family members and then close friends then associates.

Never complain about this and that and then make your life so miserable.

For example: If I have to loose money this year so that my sons will do well in their exams, I would prefer to loose money and am paper loss, S$30k down. I am not worried or sad. You never saw my face sad one, right ? because I am always happy and is because my "own mind" knows how to transform "negative happiness" about lost money into understanding how the universe work and why it is sometimes better this way and into something "positive happiness".

So, if you loose money in the stock market now - don't panic but smile or laugh like the "laughing buddha". Later on when you cash out and make profit next year 2009, you will have the last laugh, you know ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Those who are prepared to take risks will beat the market. Are you game ? If your bazi says you can't play shares then you had better stay out of it. Wait you......"hai lang".

For the last 2 years, I have been quite good at stock picking and can call myself, a savvy shares investor.

TIP:"The market has to go up or down everyday but we are not to be influenced by it everyday that way, you learn to be calm and see the bigger picture"

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