Sunday, October 26, 2008

My 2008 predictions have come true

Today, 27 October 2008, Monday, I went to attend to my personal matters.

DAILY THOUGHTS: It is the time of the year to reflect on what you have achieved this year and what you haven't.

Todate, I have done fengshui for 6 listed companies and if I do fengshui for their offices chances are I won't buy their shares for fear of "insider information". I only buy shares that are good for my bazi so that I won't loose money and so far it is working well.

LYNN YAP BLOG: This week, I would be testing on my new blog and once it is ready, I will announce it here as well as my Google Group which todate has 190 members and probably the largest Google Group for "fengshui".

My bloglog, Lynn Yap is on page 3 of Google Search for "Singapore Fengshui". This is amazing.

FENG SHUI: This year, so far my "2008 predictions" have come true particulary for money matters, unemployement and envirnoment matters resulting in a "difficult year".

Money matters refer to "financial crisis" as stock market is predicted to go very down on 22nd October 2008. Many people are retrenched and so the unemployment figure rises. The environment matters refer to the "poison" in cow's milk etc. Actually, the fish is suppose to get poison but so far we have not heard of that yet.

Frankly, I never liked my predictions to come true especially when it is going to be a "bad year like 2008". However to be a top notch fengshui master is to be one who can accurately predict the down of the stock market and the up of the maket, plus other matters.

This in turn CAN get respect from people of all industries plus I have to compete with so many other masters for any jobs and so I have to be the best and to be on my toes, all the time. Being the most acurate in my predictions will make me stand out.

Now, we get ready for 2009 which is anything about the countries in the southern hemisphere and already an earthquake erupted in Indonesia, yesterday.

DESTINY: For those who are able to read deeply into the stock market and to able to make "accurate predictions" would be ONE UP above the other fengshui masters. That is why I am not afraid of competition in fact, I welcome challenges and I know I am Singapore's Best and BEST among all even in the World. How many chinese, female fengshui masters around in the World are there and what ranking are they ?

You can sure I am top 5 among the ranks in the World. This is my position and would angle myself here for the world to beat my record. you might never know that I can be World, number one.

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Everyday when I wake up the first thing I do is to turn on my computer to check Dow Jones, up or down and by how many points. This gives me the "pep energy" that I need for the rest of the day. when it is down, I would key in to buy and if it is up, I would key in to sell and that depends on whether my average price of the stocks are ready or not to sell.
However, I do less than 5 trades in a year actually very very few.

If you have never tried buying stocks then don't attempt to so so because it takes years of experiences to master this skill although I am happy to state that the last two , 2007, 2008, I didn't loose any money, now I have a proven good track record in "shares investing".

Whatever name, one call it be it "shares trading" etc, it is all due to "fengshui luck" (bazi stock analysis) and the ability to time and to get into the market to buy and when to sell since I am so good at predicting the ups and downs of the stock market and I want to have a good name in this - "chun".

My FSQ Porftolio is now close to S$100,000/- (most of the time I keep and seldom sell unless I make good profit) and I know of a rich lady client who has sunk in S$300k in the market but she calls it "stuck".

You count your own stock portfolio, ok ? go do a spreadsheet. hehe

TIP:"Being Chun is my nickname" says fengshui Queen, Master Lynn Yap


Twilight Zone said...

Master Lynn Yap-Chun, I have already ranked you No.1 long before you announced here. I sincerely wish that all other readers can truly understand the logic behind your explanations & appreciate your kindness to share. Even the painting of many flying birds is correct as pointed by your goodself that it will make one to travel frequently. My father was given such a painting & all the family members travel out very frequently even though we don't live in his ancestral house. It's a like a DNA effect thing.

Lynn Yap said...

Twilight Zone

Thank you for your comments.