Monday, October 13, 2008

One should live life in very simple terms

Today, 14 October 2008, Tuesday, took time off to go do my things and was trying hard not to place any appointments.

DAILY THOUGHTS: I can understand why certain people tend to worry while there are those who don't.

Let me share with you a little about buddhism:
True buddhists would some how believe that they should place their lives in the hands of the Buddha and let Buddha guide them.

True buddhists somehow do not speak with extreme views. Example: I don't like to do this or that as they are suppose to go with the flow. Can you do that for a change ?

If you have the opportunity to speak to me then you will know that I don't talk alot. I am a thinker. when you speak, I think or when you ask me many questions, I try my best to reply all. That way, I practise my own patience.

FENG SHUI: The sickness energy falls in the SE this year so somehow my mum caught a bad cough and so today I decided to take time off to go and get a big hulu and place it in her house for her. I don't normally fengshui her house and usually joke with her on these matters.

Today being my dad's english birthday I decided to get him half a chicken from the famous chicken rice stall at Serangoon Gardens too. However, I know my mum can't take the chicken because she is coughing and do you know why ? I bought the chicken anyhow as I hardly have this chance to be a dutiful daughter.

The Fengshui reason is : Chicken is metal and metal is the mouth so if you have a mouth or throat problem, the saying is that : "it is best not to take chicken when you are coughing". wait the chicken bite you then you know........(joke)

DESTINY: If anyone goes to have his life read. After that he should see "good luck" coming to him even though he haven't already gone to wear his lucky colours or own his lucky colour wallet so that he has a lot of money to count.

The reason is : When your luck is not very good you should see a fortune teller to alter your luck. This is a simple and basic theory. Hence most fortune tellers don't live very long. I've heard yukky stories about them. This is one reason why I go for my own retreat every year and do a 5 figure donation every year. Not you know ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: There was someone who sms asking my opinion about this and that stocks. I replied no comments because if I haven't read their annual reports and haven't studied their historical price, then how can I give my opinion when I don't know anything about these except I know which industry these stocks fall under like water industry, wood or earth industry.

I only read the stocks that I owned as I don't have the time to read others. I usually stick to what I know.

TIP:"Be contented with whatever you have at every point in time but can have dreams so that you can achieve something in life"

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Jeremy said...

Master Lynn, your patience is very admirable especially when some of the demands / questions posted to you are not necessary resonable.