Friday, October 03, 2008

Some people work for their passion and do not look at the money

Today, 4th October 2008, Saturday, I will be going to do a house fs review and then to ubi to do 2 readings.

DAILY THOUGHTS: Yesterday evening, I got my HP back and am now blogging from it.

LYNN YAP BLOG: These days the life readings or annual reviews for 2009 usually end up touching on the topic of my blog. Frankly, I never knew that my blog had so many followers till I shut it and I once cracked a joke out of it and said : one of the fastest ways to get more email addresses is to write a blog for 3 months and then close it. BOOM. many smss and emails come back with their email addresses.

It was never intended to be done that way - I didn't feel comfortable writing in public with so many people watching. I just did what I felt was right to do as I need business to go on as usual and everything perfect for me.

FENG SHUI: Have you ever moved from house to house every few years to test the fengshui ?

Well, I live nearer to where the Seletar Aerospace Park is going to be and am getting ready to rent out my investment property.

Recently, I had a client who shared with me that they are in business for the last 7 years nd yet they never saw the money. They said it is like "in" and then "out". They are my new clients who saw my advertisments and that one of their friends had also use our services. I did their fengshui and then went home with their "problem".

I ask myself this question: Do I know where my money went to ? I sure did and do I know where they went ? yup. my company's largest expense is my salary and I haven't had a single increase in salary since, partly because I don't need to pay myself more.

The truth for this : Financial knowledge. It is the key to solving their problem and maybe fengshui could also help them get more sales then it might be easier for them to grow their wealth.

DESTINY: Some people love to talk but no action. which category do you belong to ? talk and act on it or talking and yakking all the time ? like those empty vessels that makes the most noise ?

SAVVY INVESTMENTS: Those whose bazi cannot buy shares and
they follow what I bought yoh. Do you want us all to sink in a single boat ? ok. when I announce, I sell you had better sell too or use your own judgement.

There was a lady who came to see me : and since her bazi cannot buy shares, this is what I told her to do : sell half and keep half. the other half can go up and then you can make your money.

Some people make the most money from properties while some make the most from shares. stick to one that suits your bazi best.

TIP:"while, it is right to do so, one will however not grow rich this way"

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